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new arrivals

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Kaddie started showing signs of labor last night around midnight, coming up to me, meowing then jumping into the dresser drawer...around 4:00 the first yellow tiger came, a little girl...they came at regular intervals after that, 6 in all! 3 girls, 3 boys. The delivery went smoothly and Kaddie is a great mommie...I had a few questions tho and was hoping some of you could help. All of the kittens were born breach, is this common? Also, she seems hot and pants heavily while she is in the drawer with them but not when she's relaxing out of it, so i was wondering if it would be safe to have a fan blowing on low (it's 89 degrees here)...would it be too much on the kittens??? any and all advice will be greatly appreciated! thanks-judy
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I know there shouldn't be no draft what so ever on the kittens so maybe should turn fan off

they r so cute omg I can't wait till my little angel have her......
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www I can't stop looking at them...there so sweet.....awwwww
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Gorgeous litter, and great name for mom!
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oh my god what cute kittens!!! Congratulation. I am no vet but i do belive that breech birth are not common, espcialy for all of them to be born that way. please someone correct me if i am wrong. my cat had seven kittens and only one was born breech, and her head stayed longer in the canal, which i had to rescue. it is dangerous for the babies because they can get a lack of oxygen. it is good you were there to watch. also, the constand blowing of air from the fan can get the kittens sick, they need warmth. the momma was probably hot but the panting could be more from the pain. well, good luck, keep us updated on the babies....good luck
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A very cute litter you have there! And so many! They are just adorable!
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Breech births are about as common as normal ... 50/50. Unless a kitten becomes stuck in the birth canal, there is nothing to worry about from a breech birth.
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