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new arrivals

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Kaddie started showing signs of labor last night around midnight, coming up to me, meowing then jumping into the dresser drawer...around 4:00 the first yellow tiger came, a little girl...they came at regular intervals after that, 6 in all! 3 girls, 3 boys. The delivery went smoothly and Kaddie is a great mommie...I had a few questions tho and was hoping some of you could help. All of the kittens were born breach, is this common? Also, she seems hot and pants heavily while she is in the drawer with them but not when she's relaxing out of it, so i was wondering if it would be safe to have a fan blowing on low (it's 89 degrees here)...would it be too much on the kittens??? any and all advice will be greatly appreciated! thanks-judy
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aaaawwwwwwww! Beautiful mother and babies!
There is a forum for soon to be mama kittens and newborns on the site so posting there might help you as well.
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They are just precious! I love kittens! Beautiful mommy too!
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OH what little sweeties........can't wait to see as they grow!!
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Oh My!
Cutes!!! ...
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cuteness overload!!!
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Thems Wonderful! Is this your first litter? I personally wouldnt do the fan thing (not for any known medical reasons, just cause I wouldnt do it to my furless ones either...tee hee) You can probably expect her to try to move them if she feels uncomfortable or anything, so I'd just let her set the pace. But thats just me. Congrats Grandma!
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How adorable!!!
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Awwwwwwwww look at all that cuteness!
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Absolutely gorgeous and such a variety!!! Are the white all white or do they have another color underneath where we can't see it?
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Oh gosh I think I am going to cry!

Those pics are so cute, congratulations to you and mummy cat
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cuteness overload!!!
Extreme cuteness overload! You need to warn people first, lol.
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Awwww!!! They are beautiful!!
There is nothing in the world cuter than brand new baby kittens.

I don't know anything about breach kittens...but if they're all healthy and happy, then it's probably fine. I had a few kittens born that way when I was a kid, and they all turned out okay.
As for her panting, maybe move their box somewhere cooler if it seems to be really bothering the mom cat, but if not then don't worry about it. A fan might not be good for the kittens.
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