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From friends to enemies

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I have 3 cats. Julian who is 7 years old and and Rocky & Thumper who are 3 years old. For three years they all got along great.Then this past weekend all changed. I don't know what happened but Julian now hates the other two. (Thumper more so) He spits and growls then runs and hides under a bed when he sees him. Which it turn makes Thumper chase after him. The worst episode was Saturday evening, Julian was in the kitchen and Thumper came in. The sounds that came out of these cats were so scary. My husband and I have since seperated them. Julian is fine with us but soon as he smells the other cats near by he starts to growl. We called the vet today. He says to isolate them for two days. If it's still happening after that he will come up with an alternative. I'm very worried. I love my boys. Any ideas???
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3 things come to mind. The first is that Julian is not feeling all that well. When they don't feel up to speed, they can act out and put on a show to hide any weakness. The second is that Julian saw something or something happened that scared him. The other 2 were in the room and now that aggression is re directed at them. Then the 3rd is that they sometimes go through what I like to call "mid life crisis". They get to where they want to be left alone and everything bothers them.
I would first look into the medical side. Maybe watch for any other signs.
You may not have been home when something upset him, so it's hard to pinpoint that unless you can figure out what happened.
I had this happen not to long ago. The first thing I did was seperate them for a week. Then when I let my "bully" out I tried the Dr bachs rescue remedy on him. It worked for the first 3 days. Then I seperated them for 2 weeks and put him back on the Dr bachs, this last time it seemed to work really well. He calmed down enough that he didn't pose a threat to anyone and we finally have peace again. Well, except now I have a female who likes to terrorize another female, but with them, after about 2 weeks of the screaming matches they finally gave up
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