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Sadie May be Expecting!?

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Sadie was recently in heat, maybe 2-3 weeks ago.
This was a stressful time as our new addition Milo is not neutered. We kept him out most of the time except when we were home to supervise. Although we did get sidetracked and find them fighting a few times.
I didn't think she got pregnant.
I came home yesterday from being home for a few days and Sadie looked somehow different to me. I kept observing her and her behavior to see if I could figure out what it was exactly, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Until she layed on the bed, her belly seemed a little to full to me.
Sadie normally weighed under 5 lbs. Today I weighed her and she weighs in at 10lbs!
How could a cat go from a weight shes weighed consistently at 4lbs all her adult life to 10 lbs in a matter of days??
This is why I believe she may be pregnant, this sudden, & rapid weight gain.
Does anyone agree or is nothing at all?
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You need to take this cat to the vets. Can i ask why neither of them were neutered, as if you have two unneutered cats, they should not be allowed to go near each other, whether the female is in heat or not, as cats are different from us, eggs are released upon stimulation, not just at a certain time like us, so very easy to get pregnant.
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the babies probably wouldnt weigh 6lbs at 3weeks pregnant.

phone a vet for some advice.
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Thank you for your info maverick.

Tigger, The reason for these 2 cats not being fixed is, Milo is a new addition and the apointment isn't until next week. Sadie is not fixed because our other 3 males are neutered and she is an inside cat.
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Yeah I think you should take ur cat to the vet right away...She wouldn't gain that much weight that fast and something else might be wrong....but if she is the vet can confirm it for you and it isn't to late to abort if you don't want them or you don't have enough room for them.......Well I guess you do the right thing for you and your kitties and take care
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Thanks crazybash.
Yes, we might abort. My mom said she doesn't want to go through this again, or put Sadie through it again. I don't want to contribute to overpopullation... so maybe abortion is the best option. Poor Sadie I'll post again soon about her and update on her status. I'm going to call the vet's office & ask a few questions.
I don't want my beloved little girl to have an abortion, I hope she isn't pregnant.
Thanks again everyone.
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Not a problem...hope everything goes well
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Please consider having Sadie spayed, regardless of what the outcome is - there is a thread in Health and Behaviour about spaying and mammary cancer, please read it.
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What did the vet say?
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If she was just in heat 2-3 weeks ago you can easily have her spayed. That is a drastic weight gain, though. I'm anxiously waiting to see what the vet will say. I hope it is nothing serious!?
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I totally agree - if she was in heat 2-3 weeks ago, she can easily be spayed and it is really the best option for all. I'm not saying aborting kittens is 100% a great thing, but the alternative is really much worse.

Female cats need to be spayed regardless of whether or not the males in the household are neutered. Obviously she can't get pregnant if she's strictly indoor and away from unneutered toms and that's definitely a good thing, but she needs to be spayed for her health as well as to prevent unwanted kittens. If a cat goes into heat repeatedly and isn't mated, she will often develop pyometra (an infection of the uterus). This is a serious condition that can possibly be fatal. I've seen it a few times at the clinic I work at and it's not pretty at all.
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please please have her spayed.
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People tend to feel bad about aborting kittens, but they are not people and if you catch it really quick after she becoems pregnant then it will be just fine. There is so much trouble and hassle in dealing with kittens and things that can go wrong.

Spaying also greatly reduces the risk of some deadly diseases like cancer.
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