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The term "redneck" came around because the white farmers were out in the field all day and were looked down upon by the upper crust of southern society. They would say things to the effect of you can tell how poor he is by how red his neck is. The redder the poorer (because if he had money he would pay someone else to work for him.) The term became slang for anyone who was poor, not just for farmers. Generally poor people were thought to be lower class and stupid, which is some of the same traits we still associate with the term.

The south has traits that you dont see anywhere else. The south still has a large value on what other people think and on family honor, granted people dont duel anymore (although in some places it is still legal). Southern people are also fiercly loyal (ask anyone in the south about their state, their football team, their school, their brand of car whatever and they WILL have an opinion).

Yes in some places predjuice still exists in the south, possibly stronger than other places. One must remember though that as little as four generations ago there were slaves and slave holders. My mammaw grew up hearing her papaw (my grandmothers grandpa) talking about his slaves. To this day she is still predjuice against black people, but my mom isnt predjuice and neither am I, so one cant say that everyone with predjuice parents will be themselves. We dont try to change her because at 80 something years old she is set in her ways, and they were values of her time. White women were afraid of black men, and she still is. When we are that age we will also have non P.C. values, its a fact, society is evolving.

I want to move deeper south when I get married because I feel that I am just on the border of the south, but not really in it. My family in southern arkansas however is very much southern.

Just thought I would add my two cents....

PS a pig pickin is when you roast/bbq a whole hog over a spit fire and people just grab a plate and pick off a peice to eat. Kinda like they do in Hawaii.
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You know....I never understood why the south got such a bad rep anyways. I mean, we have values just like the next person from the North or the Mid-west or the west, or anywhere for that matter. We sit at the table for dinner, and we bow our heads and say grace before we eat. And we value what people think about us and our family honor.

I can't help it that people see us as being rude, ill mannered people, just because a few people are like that, and they get more of the media converage. Theres a difference between redneck and white trash.
And just because people had slaves here many, many years ago, doesnt mean that those of us in South believe in it today. And I think it got a bad reputation when there were people racing around towns in white robes, burning crosses and killing people because of the color of their skin and their beliefs. Well, you get that anywhere you go. Racism isnt just in the south. Southerners used slaves to run their plantations and harvest their crops. Not all were ill treated, but they certainly werent treated like they should have been, either. I dont agree with it, but I dont like being lumped into a category as being a redneck because I was born below the mason-dixon line, and I know how to play "Dixie" on the piano. I have manners, and public decorum, and diplomacy...and I can't tell you how many times I heard my great grandmother say to me "Sit up straight. Southern ladies dont slouch." She still had tea in her parlor. And she was hell bent that my sister and I not get sunburned....and not ruin our hands....but she was raised that way. She never wore pants...she wore her hair up everyday...she was a southern lady because thats how she was raised.

I think there are stereotypes anywhere you are from. If your from the north, your a yankee...if your from the south, then you are a redneck.

A good example: where I live, we have a lot of waterman...and they live mostly at Gloucester Point....in Guinea. Well, they are called Guinea Bubbas, and some are just like you and I, and some are white trash, incest prone, filthy attitudinal people. Its not fair to lump them altogether as "Guinea Bubbas". Yeah, they have their own language....they talk real southern, and they talk real fast. But some are intelligent.

I think the South is great. I have been to Pennsylvania, and I thought they were friendly people...they liked my accent.
I have been to Ohio, and got ugly looks, and snickering glances. Its all in the persons beliefs.
But the most friendly people I have ever encountered were when I was in Tennessee and was trying to get home because my father was sick, and in North Carolina. I think people in the South, for the most part, are friendly people.
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Originally Posted by diane8704
<snip>...Southerners used slaves to run their plantations and harvest their crops. Not all were ill treated, but they certainly werent treated like they should have been, either. <snip>
I just thought I'd also point out that overall, not that large a percentage of Southerners were slaveholders. It was simply too expensive. At the time of the Civil War slave prices averaged $1000.00-1,500.00. This was at a time when a good horse could be gotten for $25 or $30.
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Bless you, Diane and RoseHawke.
I would also like to point out the Northerners were also slaveholders. Some slave holders were themselves black.
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