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how do u mack a box for your cat to geve brith to her kittens in ? im not sher how to yet but im geting thar thanx for the hellp!
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I´m so sorry but I didn´t understand you!
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I think she's asking how she can make a box for her cat to give birth in Rigel?!.

If you post in the pregnant forum someone should be able to help
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I just used a cardboard box about 24 inches or so long and not quite as wide. Line with newspapers (shredded) and old towels/sheets. Something that can be washed or thrown away after birth. It doesn't have to be real tall as you can drape a towel over most of the top to keep dark but so the mother can still jump out.
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If you don't have or can't find a box (I swear, you'd think you were asking for gold from some vendors these days!) you can also use a Rubbermaid tub or its equivalent with an access cut in one side. They're not too expensive, less than $10 in most cases, but of course free is always better!
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I used the only thing i could find....my laundry basket. I through some old t-shirts and towels in it and voila!
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There r alot of different ways and things for your sweet pregnant can to have her litter...I have 3 almost 4 set up for my baby angel,,,I have a box in my closet with clean rags and newspapers...plus she has a really big box which my daughter set up for her in the bedroom with brandnew recieving blankets also we made her a tent out of bed sheets and old blankets plus she likes our bathroom so we put her doggie kennel in there with newspapers.....Hope this helps...keep us posted
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I had a cat (a stray I had rescued, I do not believe in backyard breeding of any kind and do practice what I preach!) who gave birth in my bed - with me in it. That was not the plan, needless to say She and her four babies, adorable all, later took up residence in my bedroom closet in a laundry basket filled with towels and blankets. Mama could climb out of the basket and the babies were safe inside. As they aged, shed bring them to my bed tho - it was a fun time!! (Lots of work but fun!!)
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thankyou for all the help! Im sher i no how to meck 1 now thx!
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