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pets entering Germany

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Well,right now I am trying to take my dog to Germany.The cats and hopefully the iguana will come later.
So far I thought the rules were the the dog must be UTD on shots at least 30 days before leaving,must have a microchip,and must have a health certificate good for 10 days.
Is that all?
I am travelling from the US to Germany.
In what circumstances is a rabies test required?
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You could be in trouble. The rules were changed in Oct last year to be more stringent. I don't know about iguanas - you should check witht he embassy as some animals are forbidden which are considered 'exotic' but all cats and dogs entering the EU (inc of course Germany) from approved countries (which include the US) MUST have a rabies shot and not less than a month later a blood test to certify they have immunity. Then they must wait another three months before travel. This must all be certified and vet stamped on the proper forms ( obtainable from the Embassy) before they will be allowed to enter - in fact before airlines will agree to carry them in most cases. They also of course need to be microchipped. They will be turned away if they do not have the paperwork - there are no exceptions. If travelling to the UK, Sweden or Ireland there are extra requirements. If you turn up without the right forms and before the allowed time your animal risks confiscation and destruction. I know all this because I am in the middle of getting the passports for my three girls to go to France and I have a friend who works with rescue dogs, getting them adopted from here into Germany and Austria. Good luck, and don't risk anything silly. All information is available on the EU website - do a search on 'importing animals'.
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I had their shots done a month ago,and was going to get thier microchips done when they got their health exam.
But I was never informed about the blood test stating that they had immunity.
However,I think you are right.
I just need to find a website with the specific info.I will try and google some info right now.
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For it to be legal they must be microchipped before they have the rabies immunity test, and the date stamps must show this. The immunity test certificate has to include the microchip number. It is not unusual for animals to fail the immunity test the first time - this happened to Ellie and also to one of my friend's dogs. Then you have to have a new shot and wait another month for the test. It can take ages, so be prepared!
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