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want to be alone

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I noticed lately that my pregnant cat wants to be alone more...she is usually very loveable.....does anyone know what this mean....
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If she close to giving birth maybe she doesn't feel like doing much of anything or being bothered by anyone.
That's my best guess.
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ya she is really close...but man it is hard not to touch her when those babies are moving around in her belly...awww soo sweet too..thankyou for the reply
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When my siamese Sarah gave birth she really wanted to be alone. When my mother or I would come in to the room she would actually stop pushing. We watched her give birth through a crack in the door. I have heard of cats that really want their owners to be with them. I think that it depends on personality. Sarah has never been an affectionate cat. I dont know why? I got her from her breeder the day she turned 8 weeks and she is the best mother any breeder could ask for. Yet my other siamese Rachel is very affectionate and very loving, but we did not get her until she was 16 weeks old.
So in response to your question, I would leave her alone, but still keep an eye on her.
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lately she is really loving and wants to be pet but as soon as you touch below her head she gets mad and take off....
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