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Snip-snip ! :)

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Poor little Ripley and Smudgalina are at the Vet's tonight. Spay and neuter surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I will miss sleeping with the little critters tonight.

Smudgie has to stay over an extra night too! When they weighed them in Rip weighed 11 pounds and Smudgie weighed in at 5.9. What a difference!
Please think good thoughts for them?!?
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I am sending up good thoughts for them both, please let us know when they are back home with you, and how they are doing.
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Deb :angel2:

Ripley and Smudgelina are in my thoughts and kibby, kibby prayers too!

Much Love & Hugs,
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I'll be thinking good thoughts..Let me know how things are tomorrow.
Wow! Ripley weighs in the same as Nomar!!
Nomar will have fun with Ripley!
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Good thoughts coming your way love!! *wooooowoooowooooo* (magic thought sound... ha ha ha ha) Im sure they'll be fine!! All the best!
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Thanks all ~ it is funny how much I miss them and the other critters are wandering around all goofy! I think I will wander with them until the great return. I can call at 1PM to check on them - I WILL be calling sooner
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I'm sure they'll be fine. I bet you can't wait to snuggle them again.
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Only about 3 hours before you call! :laughing2 I know you'll call at 12:00...maybe 10:00!! haha BLINK BLINK

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Ripley cannot be neutered today. He has always suffered from FRV and the Vet said he is too sick! Has a temp of over 103 and they are sending him home on a different type of anitbiotic - AGAIN! Smudgie is a go....poor little Ripley - he just has a hard time of it. I can go get him in 1 hr - will beat feet there for sure. I am glad I am home this week. I wonder if the stress of being there overnight has added to his problems?
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Poor Ripley! I bet he can't wait to get home, nothing worse than feeling bad in a strange place.
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Poor Kitties. I hope Ripley gets better soon!
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He'll be okay as soon as he feels his Mommy's lovin' hands on him! That is one tough virus to beat. I emailed ya about it anyway. You'll be home all week, but I betcha' he'll be better in no time. He probably had a small onset before he went in there. Sometimes those places are waaaaaaaay too cold and it's not good. Cats should be kept warm. They keep the temp down cause bacteria grows fast in warm places, but a few blankets should be provided for them to curl up in. I know Opie had a big cozy nest of blankies.

No worries Piddles, he's gonna be fine.

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Thanks Cat..... meow!
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Hey Deb... I thought ... meow meow meowwww... mew meeew meow meeow.. mew? What about you?
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bwwwwwwhhhhaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww! ............ how about mow-wow?
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Hmmm possibly but I thought meeew meew moeow screech mew purr hack mew meeeow.... don't you?
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bow wow?
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MEEEW!!!! and I mean MEEEW!!!! nooo, not Meow mew mew ..... just MEEEW!!! Believe me sheesh!!! hee hee
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OK - you win - it is MEEW ! But what does it all mean??????
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I hope all went well at the vets.
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The Vet said that Smudgie is fine and will be ready to come home tomorrow after her morning check-up. They are not wanting her to have more pain meds tonight as they do it by injection and think she has had enough! I would be meowing - give me more - more I say!!!
Rip is hating his new medicine, as usual! Thanks for asking.
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SMUDGIE IS HOME!!!! yeah! Poor little thing has lost her tummy hair and is creeping aroound. I think I am going to put her in the Condo for a day or two so that Rip leaves her alone. She is sooooooo sweet. No babies for her!
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YEY DEB!!!! Glad she is ok little darlin'!!! Give her some "get well kitty kisses" from me!!
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