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Fighting Kittens

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Help! My two kitties are fighting. My one cat, Caesar, was in kitty quarantine due a parasite in his bowel. Now it's cleared up, and we let him out. However, he and Cleo are fighting a lot. It used to be playful, but now they're growling and such.

Are they any suggested methods or getting them to stop, or should I just let it run the course?

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They probably don't recognise each other after the absence and Caesar may have lots of different smells on him- try giving them the same smell by rubbing them both with the same towel, or dabbing them with vanilla essence. If that doesn't work you may have to do t he introduction sequence for them
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What exactly is the "introduction sequence"?
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Try the article here. Best of luck with your kittens!
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Hopefully the growling will run its course and they'll realize that all is well. I would give it a day or two (assuming that your're around to supervise) to see if the fighting dies down. If not you may need to keep them separated again and introduce them slowly. Update us on how its going! They're kitten so hopefully they'll readjust in no time. Its harder once they are older.
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