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Homemade cat house

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I was inspired by the woman who had a cat room and built boxes were the cats can sleep. Last weekend, I found a cardboard box. It was rectangular. I taped the top and the sides together to make a square hole. I cut the bottom out. Then, I decorated it with construction paper and ribbons. After that, I put his bed and blanet into the house. When I introduced Rascal, he crawled in there and went to sleep. It takes very little effort to impress the guy. I took pictures of him in his new house and will be posting them in a month or less when I have the film developed.
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Sounds like a great idea - can't wait to see the pics!
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Sounds great Alicia!! I'll just be here, patiently waiting for the pictures..... hoo hum.... dum dee dum..... *whitsles*.... la la la la..... OK C'MON!!!!! PICTURES!!!!
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Thats a really neat idea! I have a really big box that my husband brought home from work (a huge computer box-he works for IBM) and we cut out holes in the bottom-like doorways and my kittens love it! They are always playing in there.

Nena-Let us know when you post the picture.
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Very creative Nena I can't wait to see Rascal and of course his new palace :laughing2

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To make it even more fun, get a second box and cut a hole in the bottom. Now, cut a hole in the top of the first box. Now, place the second box on top of the first box, with the holes aligned....tape the boxes together and you have a kitty condo!
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Thanks for the info lotsocat! I am going to find boxes and start working on the project.
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