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My dear Max

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As some of you know, my dear Max passed yesterday.

Here's the post to let you know what happened:


Max was my best friend and was always there for me when no one else was. He was honestly the greatest dog you could ever have known. Now I don't handle death well at all so this is hard for me even as I type this.

About 12 years ago, my mom was outside getting the mail and suddenly turned and saw this white dog running at full speed towards her. She started getting scared, thinking it was attacking her. He jumped up on her and licked her face and arms. She took him into the garage. As I got off the school bus that afternoon, mom greeted me at the end of the driveway and said she had a surprise for me. I walked into the garage and there was this gorgeous white dog. It was love at first site. From then on, Max and I were inseperable. He was there for me through thick and thin and thin and thinner. When I fought with my mom, Max was the one who was always there for me. He always knew when I was upset. He would look at me and lick me face as if to say "It's going to be ok"

I received a call from my mom Tuesday morning, saying that something was wrong with Max. She said that he didn't feel like moving. He just laid there and slept and was vomiting. She was hoping he had just had the flu. He had heart problems and was on medications for that. I got worried and mom said they were going to the vet at 1:30 on Wednesday. I told her I would come over before that to say goodbye just in case that it was something fatal.

When I got to mom and dad's house Wednesday, I knew something was wrong with Max. He usually greets me at the door with a bark and a tail wag. But today, he laid in their bedroom with this sad look on his face. I did get a tail wag and he attempted to get up but I made him stay there. I cried with him for about a half hour and went in the living room as he followed. I got him to drink some water and go potty. Right before leaving, I got down on the floor and told him goodbye and kissed his noseand told him I loved him. He just laid there looking at me with those sad eyes as if to say "I love you, too"

I got home from my parent's and mom called right before I went to work to say that the vet was keeping him overnight. They were going to run tests on him to find out what's wrong. As I got home from work, I laid down on the floor with Trav and he broke the news to me. He said that they put him to sleep around 6:30pm. He had kidney failure and it was poisoning his body. They said they could keep him alive but it would be prolonging the inevitable. My parent's thought and finally decided they didn't want our dear Max to suffer anymore.

I cried all night last night and most of today already. I am just so heartbroken. I don't want to be selfish because I miss him so much. I know that is was the right thing to do.

I just wanted to post here. Thank you for all your prayers and vobes you sent! You all are great. I know this will get better.

Courtney (Oscarsmommy)
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Hugs to you, Courtney. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Max.
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So sorry to hear about Max. May he play at the bridge until the time you can be reunited with him. Hugs to you during this difficult time.
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Condolences to Courtney and Travis on the loss of a beloved companion. I am so sorry Max could not stay with you longer!

Rest in peace, Max. I hope you find my Logan over the bridge...he was very old and ill when he passed, too. Now you can run together like puppies!
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awww,I am so sorry about make.......hope are you coping with the lost???I am sending you some prayers tonight
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I'm so sorry to hear about Max. RIP sweet boy.
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so very sorry to hear about max. lots of love and hugs your way. i just lost my justy yesterday too. she was a 17 yr old springer spaniel. she was also in kidney failure. i hope they meet at rainbow bridge!! i am sure she is chasing rabbits..lol....may max RIP. and we will both see them when it is our time.
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also see "hoping this helps those in pain" by hissy in this forum. it is very moving and touching.
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The worst part for me was that I called my mom when I got home after Trav told me and she said Heidi and the other nurses(they all know us there) wiould give Max hugs and kisses for all of us.....I lost it when mom told me that

Thanks for all the condolences
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I´m so sorry Courtney.....my thougths with you...

RIP sweet Max......
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I am so sorry for your loss
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I'm so sorry to hear this!
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I am so sorry to hear of Max's passing! He will be waiting in RB for you
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