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lost pregnant cat

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Today around 7 am,my daughter woke up and went to her friends house...she didn't realize that the cat was not in the room and when she open the door she ran out and ran away.....I been looking for her sincenow it it 12 30pm and I am worry for the cat.......I miss the poor thing....what can I do???
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im sooooo sorry to hear that ... i would makes signs and post them around your street.....also call your local shelter, maybe they caught her and she is there.....i would keep looking for her ....check any place that looks secure and would make a soon to be momma cat feel safe.... i would say place some food out but then again i would worry that it might attract other cats and could lead trouble to momma cat and kittens when she has them and if she is close by...........good luck ...ill be praying u find her soon
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Well while I was out looking for her my neighbor saw her scratching on my window so the neighbor took off my screen and let her go in...she is now in my bedroom with the door close and she is having a wonderful sleep...Man was I scarded..I am happy that she is safe at home with me now

Thankyou thou with the advice....
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I am very glad that she is home and safe. What a smart kitty to scratch on your window, and great neighbors!
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ya I know...I am lucky to have her...she knows how mush trouble I have with her lately
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Originally Posted by CrAzYbAsH
ya I know...I am lucky to have her...she knows how mush trouble I have with her lately
The big issue will come AFTER she has had her kittens and is still intact. It will be imperative that she is not allowed outside at all as she will be able to get pregnant again very soon after giving birth. That happened to my friend whose cat got out before the spay appt. and became pregnant again. Is there a way you can confine the cat so you won't have to worry about your daughter accidentally letting her out??

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