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hard poo's

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We finally got Luna home, took her to the vet (Friday), she's been spayed, and she's home now. She wont eat wet food, but does like the dry, so we're starting her on something better for her (Natural Balance). She's secluded from the other cats until her stitches come out, so we can moniter her progress and she can get accustomed to the lower part of our house.
When she first came home from the vets her poo was soft, bordering on diahrea, but we figured it was a reaction to her meds and stress. Since then, mom's been noticing that her poo's are dry and hard. She says it smells "funny", but that it could be the litter. We're not sure if she's going regularly, but figure she's going about once a day (will continue to moniter). Any ideas on how to soften her feces up? Normally we'd give her wet food, but since she wont eat it...
Thanks for your help,
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try pumpkin
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You can try giving her some cat laxative, which is also call hairball remedy.
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