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Our New Kitten...

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We adopted our kitten Julius a few days ago from a shelter. We looked for all the things you should look for when selecting a kitten although he was a bit sleepy when we came to visit. Anyway, now that we have him home he meows incessantly. We had to lock him up in the extra bedroom so we could follow the steps to introduce him to our other kitty. We never had this problem when we adopted our first kitty about three months ago.

I was just wondering, is Julius just a really vocal cat or is he extremely scared? Because he doesn't seem scared, just really annoyed that he has to be in a room alone for a couple hours at a time. He doesn't seem that curious but he does seem very needy. Is that what most kittens are like? I'm worried that our other cat won't respond well to him. Today, we let them meet for the first time while Julius's was in the carrier and our other kitty kept trying to attack him through the bars. Play attacking maybe but is that normal?

I just have so many issues....
Any help would be appreciated.
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I think that your new kitty could just be very curious and generally vocal!

Have you been following all the steps on introduction - swapping blankets and things?

Introductions do take time, as a lot here will tell you! I would say that your older kitty is probably showing your new one that they are boss - hence the swatting.

I am sure someone will be along soon with some good advice for you! Good luck with the introductions though!
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congrats on your new kitten! I have no advice for you as I am a new kitten owner myself but other people on this site are fantastic at helping! Good luck with your kittens!
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I agree with Sar. He is new to the surroundings and is probably just a vocal one.
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Is he only vocal while in the room??

If he doesn't seem scared.. I wouldn't be worried about it. Although.. if it's annoying that could be a problem.
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