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toileting outside

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We have got 2 rescue cats,which we have had for 6 weeks.
We kept them in for 3 weeks so they used a litter tray.
We were told by the cats home that one had been abandoned(sadie) and one was taken in by its owners(suki).
While at the home they were both using a cat tray and a cat flap to go in and out.
Now the one which was a handover will go to toilet outside,but the abandoned one (altho yesterday did go to toilet outside)has decided to poo on the floor instead.
I have been putting the dirt tray in the garden and gradually moving it further away and she will go in it then,but she will not go in the garden .
I also put some cat litter in the garden to try and entice her to go but she wouldnt.
Also they will not use the cat flap.
Any ideals on what i can do.
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If the litter tray is kept in the house, will Sadie (sorry if I have their names muddled!) use it there? If so, couldn't you keep a tray available for her?

I am slightly concerned about her using the floor though! Have they both been vet checked to see that they are in complete health? It is usual for cats to go outside the tray when they are trying to draw attention to themselves. There is some more information about the site that might help with this!

I have no ideas about the cat flap - we've never had/used one, so I don't know what to suggest! Have you been letting them out through the open door whilst taking the tray outside? They may have become acustomed to using the door with you and prefer to go outside with you?!

I hope someone will be able to give you some more ideas about it!
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I realise that these are mainly for indoor cats, but it could give you some ideas as to why Sadie is unable to go outside?! You might be able to tailor them to hers and your needs!

From what I gather from your post, Sadie was abandoned. Could she be wary of going outside to toilet, as she feels she may be abandoned again? It could be that she's feeling stressed about the situation change - being allowed outside?!

Pooping problems

I hope you can find something helpful here and i'm sure others will pop in with some tips for you!
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Thankyou both for your advice.
I did take them both to the vets as soon as we got them to make sure they were both ok,even tho they had already been checked before they were released.
And what we did find out was that altho we were told they were both 10 years old(approx),sadie is actually only 2 0r 3 at the most.
As for her feeling she may be abandoned again,this may be the case because she doesent seem to go out much,but when she does she tends to wander of for quite sometime.
I have decided to dig up a patch of dirt closer to the house and then maybe she will go there.

Thanx again for your help
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