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Trimming nails

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I trim Rascal's nails every week as they get big and sharp. Sometimes, I overdue it and cut the quick. Has anyone does this and does one improve with practice? He dosen't move when I cut them. I was also wondering if you cut the back claws also or just the front? He does fight whenever I try to cut his back claws. He dosen't like me to handle his back legs.
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Yes, I've the quick once or twice, and then the thing to do is to put some steptic powder on it because, as you probably know, they bleed alot and for along time. You will get better over time, just make sure that you have plenty of light and a steady hand.

The nice apart about clipping every week is that if you clip as close to the quick as possible, then after a while the quicks will recede. That way you can cut them back shorter and shorter.

The Back claws should be trimmed also, as they can grow just as long as the front ones.

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I trim one of my cat's claws, and his quicks are very apparent. I always do it with him in my lap and a good light behind me. I only do the front ones, since those are the ones he wants to scratch me and the furniture with.

The other cat was abused and doesn't seem ready for claw trimming yet. After three years, but she's come along way and I don't want to push her. She's very good about using her scratching posts and boy does she tear those up!

There is some stuff you can buy called Quick Stop that will stop the bleeding if you do cut it, or you can use corn starch, but good luck dipping kitties claws in it!!
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