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Let me help you eat that

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My three "kids" are usually pretty good about staying off the dining room table while I'm eating but, this morning, as I was sitting there with a bowl of cereal and reading the paper, Katie jumped up to join me. I didn't mind too much because she was at the other end of the table. After a few minutes, she gradually started inching forward on her belly, until she was laying within a few inches of my cereal bowl. Katie then sat up, reached out her front paw and pulled the bowl towards her to reach in for the milk. I was pretty much finished at this point, so all she got was a few drops. I know I shouldn't condone this behavior, but it was so cute how sneaky and subtle she was "trying" to be. I was actually kind of proud of her.
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So cute when they "sneak"!! Katie has the same trick as my Lovey, by far thinking he is the most intelligent and sly of my two..."If I just inch gradually on my belly towards her, she won't notice!"....
Rocky just jumps up sorta clumsily and gives me a goofy look as if to say "me too?"

Then Lovey gives him a most disgusted look as if to say "you are such an idiot..I almost had it...!"
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! Melichus was well trained to stay off the counters and tables. But there was a rule, back feet stay on the chair. He always liked to get the last of the milk in Sunny's cereal bowl also. Now remember, this is a Maine Coon male, I was sitting at the breakfast table one morning and looked up from my coffee to see Melichus very interested in Sunny's bowl, back feet still on the chair mind, but stretched halfway across the table towards Sunny's bowl, whereupon he reached out and patted him on the hand, plainly asking for a sip.

I think they do it on purpose .
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Awwww wish i'd seen that I would have done the same though
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Awww, that sounds cute. One time, my mom was eating in the living room, and she put her plate on the end table and looked away for just a few seconds. CJ saw that. She got it too! Took one lick on everything on that plate!
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My boys are all really big mooches. Tailer thinks he has the rights to first dibs on everything, and he'll get right up on the table and stick his face in my plate! I tried and tried to teach him to stay off the table, but it's never worked. He figured out a long time ago that he's not going to be severly punished for anything, and he's willing to risk any displeasure that might come his way. He does have a sense of fair play, though. He won't steal anything while you're not there. You can leave your plate out and walk away and he won't touch it, but when you're sitting there he'll take it right out from under you if you'd let him.

Forest would be right there with him if he could get up there, but his handicap keeps him off the tables. So he sits beside you and mews and taps your leg with his paw.

Harvey is the sneaky one. He'll wait until you're not looking and make off with it. Or he'll go into the kitchen and "clean" the cooking dishes while you're busy eating.
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