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just a quick bit of advice....

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... little madam of a cat downstairs just bit me She was only playing, but she sunk her teeth in a bit hard and she's actually managed to pierce my arm - I felt the pop and heard the click where her teeth met in the middle and I reckon if I was really stupid I could get a bodybar in it. (Body piercing the inexpensive way, eh?) Now I'm all up to date with vaccines of course, but I just want a little bit of advice on keeping the wound clean... because it's a puncture that's gone all the way through a section of skin, I've cleaned it up as best I can, but obviously I can't get to the would inside the arm. I ran cold water on it and it went in one hole and out the opposite hole, and I've tried to get disinfectant to go through it the same way... you think it'll be ok left like that?
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You really should see a doctor. 30-40% cat bites get infected. Especially the type your describing. You can't clean out a puncture wound completely and if any tendons are involved, they don't have the blood supply to clean out the bacteria.
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Hrmn thanks... it bled profusely for a while... so maybe it's not so bad. Still hurts like the blazes though
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I would go to the doctor. If you refuse to go then you run the risk of getting a bad infection. If you have betadine, flush it out good, then scrub it with antibacterial soap, apply some neo sporin on it- if you have those things there. Watch for redness, swelling, red lines, heat, pus. Really you should go get it looked at. Cats carry a lot of bacteria in their mouth-
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have no idea though :S go to a doctor if you can!
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That happened to me while I was trying to pill Missy. My finger bled like the dickens but not 7 hours later it was extremely infected. Definately see a doctor.
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Well it's a little bruised, but nothing major - as long as I keep my eye on it, it should be good. I can't get to a doctor just now though because I don't have a CPR number. All residents in Denmark need a CPR number and it's used as ID and also proof of your health insurance when you need to go to a doctor or hospital. Only in severe emergencies is it not entirely necessary to have one on your person. So it might have to wait until I've got my CPR number through - hopefully that won't be too long
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Ouch! Thankfully, boy wonder has never bitten me that badly before. Hope you get sorted soon
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Hope you avoid an infection then! I've not been bitten since I was 10 or so and that wasn't my cat (it was my aunt's maniac.) NONE of our cats have ever been biters. Scratchers yes, biters, no.
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If you can't get to a doctor you'll have to monitor it yourself as best you can. Several times a day, you should clean and disinfect the wound as you have describe (what are you using as "disinfectant"?). Keep it clean and dry. If you notice any signs of infection, you will HAVE to go to the doctor, as you will need antibiotics. The warning signs you are looking for are: redness, swelling and/or heat around the wound, discharge (pus) coming from the wound, and continuing pain that is not proportionate to the injury. Also, any change in the function of your arm or hand is a red flag. Hopefully taking care of the injury as I have described will be enough to keep infection at bay, if you are vigilant. Good luck and keep us informed.
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I definitely agree that if you see any signs of infection whatsoever, you should immediately seek professional care. Even though your little one didn't intend this, it could very easily turn into a very nasty infection. Please continue to care for and monitor it carefully. Hope it's all better soon!
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Ouch! Fortunately I've never been bitten that badly. (Have been scratched really badly, though. Forest's disability makes it hard for him to keep track of his claws.)

You might want to put some antibacterial ointment on it and keep it covered to help reduce the risk of it getting infected.
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Do not let it close up, wash it several times a day and use a warm wet washcloth.
Let it drain a few days.
Cat bites are notorious for abcessing because the skin surface heals faster than the deeper tissue damage, trapping bacteria inside the wound.
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All good advice. Use prodigious and copious amts of betadine and keep cleaning the area!! But antibiotics would help. Can you call your doc and get a script - if you cannot get in to see him or her quickly? That may be better than waiting for hrs at an ER.
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Cody playfully bites me all the time! I still can't teach her not to. I've always been fine. I would disinfect it and if it doesn't start healing, you'll know to see a doc.
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Some years ago I walked my small Poodle to the store and we were confronted by a malamute. I picked him up and walked on home but the dog found us and attacked my dog. I threw myself on the malamute and put my thumbs in his mouth to make him open up and let go of my Poodle. I ended up with my thumb punctured and swollen and black. I was advised by the doctor to soak it several hours a day in the hottest water I could handle plus hotter AND mixed with epson salts. It took a week but it healed!

Keep a close watch on it though as I know some people, like my Mom, get infected no matter what! Good luck!
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