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HK pics

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Having nothing to do, staying home recuperating from a bad, bad cold, I decided to post some pictures of Hong Kong.

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Yayi, I hope you're feeling as right as rain in no time!

Great photos!

Gosh, Hong Kong looks fantastic! It is amazing that there can be so many tall buidings that are actually right by the water! It looks like such a bussling (sp?) city!

Did you go there recently? (I forget!)
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Looks a lot like Tokyo.
Have to say I'm not a big fan of the concrete jungle, I live out in the suburbs where nothing is over 4 floors tall.
DH has a stopover there for a few hours at the end of the month, heard there's a pretty good duty free at the airport.

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Lovely photos, yayi. *hugs* hope you're feeling perky again soon!
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Great photos, Yayi!!!

I'm sorry you are not feeling well
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Great pics!!!
Get well vibes headed your way!
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There beauiful pictures thank you for sharing
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Hong Kong is beautiful...............

Feel better soon Yayi!
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Great photos Yayi Hope you're feeling well again soon
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WOW! great pics!

Hope you feel better soon!
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Get well soon Dear Yayi!
this post is cool! thank you for share!
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