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Fun Kitty Facts......

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I got this book and wanted to share some with my cat family, I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did. I read the whole book on my flight home from Georgia.

Durning World War II, when allied forces entered Burman, the natives were uncooperative. After a British colonel had white cats stenciled on the Army jeeps and trucks, the Burmese people were so impressed that they agreed to help the Allies.

The final execution of a cat for witchcraft in England was in 1712. It was about time they wised up.

" Ah! Cats are a mysterious kind of folk."
- Sir Walter Scott

Male cats are known as Toms until they are nueturedand become knoewn as premieers. Females are known as queens. Around many houses houses, cats are known as the boss.

I thought that you would get a kick out of some of these, I sured did. The book is called the " Cats Out of the Bag" I hope that you enjoyed.
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Thanks, Jenni! Those are great! I think that book would be a great gift for my sis - she's a single mom & books that are a "quick read" are best for her, and she's as cat-crazy as I am!
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Yay! "tom" to "premier", that's nice!
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Tucker's a "premier", all right..just ask him, he'll tell ya!
(I never knew that nuetered guys have a specific name)
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Female cats are known as queens and they don't let you forget it! Sounds like a neat book, thanks for sharing
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...that are good!...
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My son did some research about cats for his Pets Merit Badge for Scouts. He found out that only cats, girraffs & camels move their legs on one side of their body and then their legs on the other side. Watch your cat walk.
Pretty cool, huh?
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