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YAY! They found the monster!

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They just reported on the news that they found the monster Christopher Longo that killed his whole family here in Oregon! Captured and arrested him in Mexico, now he can come back and face the charges of killing his kids and wife and dumping them in the waters off Newport.

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Yay! One more sicko off the street. I'm glad he's going to have to answer for what he's done.
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Saw that, dispicable...I hate the death penalty, so I hope he rots in jail!

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I just hope he gets exactly what he deserves......
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Just wandering, why does it take a long time for a death row inmate to be executed? The only ones I know that died quickly was Timothy McVeih who died shortly after being convicted. I believe all our tax dollars would be saved if death row inmates were put to death shortly after a conviction. Then we wouldn't have to pay for their room, board, and meals.
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I agree. I think that they should just do away with these people. They are a waste of taxpayers money. They have a roof over their head, 3 meals a day, access to a law library and free education and medical. Even the homeless don't get that. It's pathetic.

On finding that guy from Oregon in Cancun, America's Most Wanted is a great show. They caught alot of criminals that way. I hope they keep it up. At least there are some people out there who want to get involved.
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That is really good news, I'm glad they caught this horrible man!!!!!
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When I saw that on AMW, I almost broke down in tears. How can a father murder his own kids? My condolences go out to both the victims family and the perpetators(?) Family. But I am glad they caught him anyway.
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Last year in April, sometime, in Scottsdale, AZ, a man killed his wife and 2 kids. Then, he set the house to explode to make it look like it was an accident. The sick part is how he killed them: he shot the wife in the head, but he slit his own kids' throats! Anyways, for a few days or so, they couldn't find him & they thought he didn't know anything because he was an avid camper/hunter. 2 days before the murder, he'd bought water purifier. About a week later, they named him as a prime suspect, and suspected he was up in Northern Arizona ........... They found his SUV, and his dog, alive, but w/ porcupine quills near a cave. They threw the tear gas, but found no one. THey don't know if he is dead or got away. Some suspect he may have committed suicide in the mountains or got lost in on the caves, but who knows?? This was in April, and nothing has been reported since .......
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