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kitten eye color

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Can anyone tell me at what age do kittens eyes change from the milky blue to the color they have at adulthood? My kittys are 91/2 weeks old. And when will they develop thier adult coordination? They are always falling off the couch (very cute to watch) but I'm worried about the higher places.
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four weeks is usually around the age that the kittens will change color, if they are going to. I think they should have there eye color that will keep. What color is the kittens? your kittens though might still be in that clumsy stange still. I have an 2 1/2 year old adult and she stills falls off things. lol.
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They will probably start changing at about 10-12 weeks old. So very soon.
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As above.... unless of course they're meant to have blue eyes! My Sprocket kept his kitten blue eyes I had a 15 year old cat who never learned to stay on anything, so I think you're fine
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my little boy is black and white; my little girl is very colorful, white underneath with orange, grey, and black on top, she has some stripes. I will post pics as soon as I get a scanner. How many kitties do you have?
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my kittens are over eight weeks old and their eyes are changing, darn. i hoped some of them would keep that pretty blue color!!
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Our orange tabby Tucker came to us with bright blue eyes (at the age of 8 weeks), they then changed to the gold color they are now a few months later. I was shocked that they could change so late.
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All kittens are born with blue eyes. Eye color begins changing at 9-11 weeks, but color can continue changing and intensifying until 2 years of age. If the kitten is a pointed kitten, its eyes will remain blue.

Barb Amalfi
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