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Cat in heat

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Ok besides meowing how else can you tell when a cat is in heat?
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i was lucky because i also have a male cat

when my female was in heat he would stop at nothing to get to her. even attacked us when we stood in his way. she was also very flirty with him but apart from that i had no way of knowing

i know when my friends dog was in heat she bleed im not sure if this happens to some cats to cuz i know it doesnt happen to all dogs

she came cum into heat anytime from 6 months u will find alot of male cats roaming around by ur house trying to get to her that only happened with my last female cat though not this one.
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Originally Posted by STLGRL5
Ok besides meowing how else can you tell when a cat is in heat?
Trust me, you'll know . That "heat" meow is more of a heat yowl --- pretty much constantly, also if you tap her on her hindquarters on her back she'll do a little dance with her front end crouched down, and her rear up in the air and treading with her hind paws. I've heard of some females having a "silent" heat where they don't do any of this, but I gather it's rather unusual.
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The way they stick their behinds in the air is pretty unmistakeable. And they get very affectionate, rubbing and purring. And no, cats don't bleed.
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My female is pretty quite and doesn't meow much when in heat.
She always sticks her bum in the air in heat or not when scratched near the base of her tail - her favourite place to be pet.
When in heat she would roll around on her back and rubs constantly on anything and everything.
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you WILL KNOW if your cat is in heat, belive me. before i had my female spayed, she was very annoying, and i love her with all my heart. she would roll around the floor constantly. some cats will meow constantly, that is what my friends cat does. also, i noticed a clear discharge from my cat. (i don't mean to sound disgusting, she just put her butt up in the air and i noticed it, believe me, i could have done without her show. )
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I don't know. Thankfully, I haven't witnessed a cat in heat for years! Have one here who just got spayed yesterday, Miss Sugartoes-now to be Carlita!
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