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I'm the proud owner of two toms, Milo and Socks just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and them. I love them I've had Milo since April and Socks since May. Milo is my lovey-dovey one he love's to sit on my shoulder or up on my chest while I get my computer fix and socks in my lap. Milo also has a fascination with pads (not used) when they are still in the wrapper. I usually sit the bag next to the toilet and he helps himself with them and carries them around and growls at socks if he even gets close to take his pad away. It's the cutest thing ever. Socks suckles my blanket I use to sleep with gets the whole thing soppin wet after awhile. I find it very annoying. I gave him his own but he loves mine more. They both love to play with their shadows, toilet paper, get things out of the trash. I love my babies and soon will get another one when it's ready to leave mommy.
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Welcome! Glad you joined! Got any pics of your lil ones?
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Ya but I still don't really know how to post them.
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Welcome to TCS!
Milo and Socks are cute!
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Welcome to TCS

glad you, Milo & Socks joined us
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS!

I'd love to see pics of Milo and Socks!
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Welcome to TCS!

How to post pics:

To post pictures, you have to go through an image hosting service. You have to do this, because you are still a kitten, and can not post attachments. I would recommend Photobucket because:
1) It's free
2) It's easy to navigate and use
3) It has it in an [IMG][/IMG] format already
4) Many people here on TCS use it.

After you have signed up, and put your pictures on the web hosting service of your choice, you simply post the image format here. The image format will look a like this: (Don't click on it. It'll bring you nowhere.) Also, there should be no spaces between the [IMG] and the web address.
[IMG] http://photobucket.cow/albums/y90/wh.../nameofpic.jpg [/IMG]

If you have any more questions about this, feel free to ask! Many people are here to help, and I will help as much as possible!
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Welcome to TCS! I'm from the St. Louis area as well.
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Hello and

Your babies are cute!!
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