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The "mommy vibe"

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Well. I know Ive metioned this a few times, but Im pregnant (3rd time) and Foley seems to be stuck to me. Its like I give off this 'mommy vibe'. It has happened all 3 times! This pregnancy I tried to surprise my hubby - which didnt quiet work out - but he said he already knew because Foley was sleeping with me alot .. hanging out with me and purring alot. Heck, looking back, I think HE knew before WE did!

Its so sweet and I miss him being a kitten (he was Much lighter then) sitting on my growing belly. Him and I used to nap that way every day.
Is this common? Anyone else give off the 'mommy vibe'? Its silly, I know, but Im sure Im not the only one out there.
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My cats use yo do that want me too...and they were all females..that was the best feeling....
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That's so sweet. The hormonal changes must give off a smell which attracts him. Congratulations.
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My daughter's cat would rub her belly when she was pregnant. She would make little circular motions with her paw. Then she would lay her head down and sit there for the longest time. It was so cute.
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Awww, that's so sweet!! Congratulations!!
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