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Happy ending for Prince Jasper

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About one month ago, Prince Jasper was put out of his home on Main Street in a near by village. My sister, who works at a local diner there told me about him. His previous owner threw him out after having him as in indoor kitty for about 1 1/2 years. This is bad enough to do, but winter is no time for an indoor animal to suddenly experience the great outdoors. A neighbor and the diner's owner fed him while we tried to get something done. The SPCA told me that these cases can be hard to prosecute, as the 'owner' could say that he simply got out or was not really his cat. Well - last Monday we got Jasper and I took him to the local no-kill shelter on Tuesday. He is ensconsed there and is in the front room waiting for a new home. He is a wonderful kitty and with all that happened to him, still a real love towards humans. I think that this is quite a tribute to the unconditional love and affection our animals show us each day. So, please say a prayer that he finds his 'forever family' soon! He deserves the best one around!
(My niece named him Prince Jasper.)
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Have you trapped Goldie yet?
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YEY!!! I hope he finds a wonderful home!!! Im sure he will!! Deb - you're an angel!!
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I am home on Vacation this week and trapping Goldie is number 1 on my list of things to do! She is a cagy one......am buying more stinky old sardines today! It is going to be a cat-vacation. Smudgie and Ripley go and get 'fixed' tomorrow! Have visits with a couple of old adoptions.....meow meow meow! I will let you inow when Jasper gets a home. He is soooo sweet. Where is that winning lottery ticket so I can keep them all???
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I took a green onion and chopped off the stalk part. Using one of these stalks, I *tied* a sardine to each of the metal bars on the cage so the fish hung underneath inside the cage, behind the trip bar. Kitty would not go in to eat out of the bowl, but he did go in to snag the fish and I snagged him! I was trying for months to capture him and trying to figure out how to tie the fish with something if he did eat it, it wouldn't hurt him like string would. This what I came up with, and he went right in and was caught. Now he is my biggest purr baby of them all.
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Thanks MaryAnne - I will give that a try!
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Piddles, you never cease to amaze me

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I have a friend whose neighbor's cat got out. She was a former feral kitty. They tried for 3 weeks to trap her. She's a beautiful calico. Anyway, my friend tried all sorts of different things to lure her, tuna, sardines, EVERYTHING. Finally, she used liverwirst. It worked! This woman was trapping day and night and had 5 traps out. The perseverence paid off. Keep trying. You'll get her. Good luck!
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I really hope that Prince Jasper finds a good loving home, poor little guy, and that you can catch Goldie!
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Congrats on the Prince and good luck with Goldie!
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