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Frog question...... Anyone?

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I went outside this evening and started the grill up to cook. I walked out near the pool and saw a frog laying still in the water near the edge. We are constantly getting little frogs who jump in the pool and can not get back out on their own. I save the ones I can but there are several a week that I don't get to. I figured this was another unfortunate one but when I got him out I saw his leg move slightly. I put him on the concrete and saw it move again. He was still alive! Just barely though. I held him in my hand and rubbed his back for a few and he actually started breathing better. After a few minutes he started moving slightly in my hand, he won't hop but he was walking. Anyway, I have him in a lizard cage right now. I tried letting him go in the grass but he won't move much without me pushing him. It's almost like he is in a daze or in shock. I figured that maybe if he spent the night in the cage he might feel a little better in the morning. What do you guys think? I am worried because he is just sitting there and not moving. There are plans and leaves in the cage, a water bowl and bedding in the bottom. Could he be in shock? Should I just set him in the grass outside and leave him alone? My fiance says he is going to be dead by the morning I am trying to prevent that of course.
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hmmm...i know the sad feeling of trying to help! i once (accidently mind you) stepped on a back leg of a teeeny tiny frog, and i looked down and i felt so bad, i mean..why did i have to squash his leg and make him suffer that? i ended his misery so he wouldnt have to drag around his leg. but with little swimmer frog..hm..i would wait it out, at least until tomorrow morning, if he still seems loopy. i would just let him out in grass, awaaay from the pool , and let nature take its course. or even if he wakes up happy tomorrow! then plop him outside. you can think of this night as recuperation, but i would say tomorrow, whether hes better or not, to put him outside..hope it all works out for the little man! let me know!
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Here's an article from the australian gov. website - it looked like it might be useful:
Prayers & vibes for your little frog - frogs are so cute And bless you for caring for another of God's creatures!
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Bless you for trying to help.
One thing to keep in mind though is the frog's place in the food chain.
If they are injured or sick, they are very good at hiding it.
Like birds, if they are showing signs of sickness or injury, chances are good that there is nothing you can do.

The first question is what kind of frog?
Species isn't as important as type.
Is it an aquatic, terrestrial, or arboreal frog?
Aquatic of course would have webbed feet and smooth skin.
Terrestrial frogs typically have claws, and/or short, muscular back legs.
Arboreal frogs have suction pads.
Knowing which type will help you in setting up a container where the frog feels safe, important if he's in shock.

If possible, get the container temp about 5 degrees warmer than outside temps to help him overcome shock.

For all three types of frog, humidity is important, moreso for aquatic frogs.

Good luck, hope this helped.
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Could you build a little ramp for the pool to help the frogs get out? Even just a piece of wood that they can climb? It would save more little frogs from this!

I hope this little froggy recovers soon! Sending lots of get better }}}VIBES{{{ to him!
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Wow thanks for the help guys! The frog made it through the night. When I woke up this morning and checked onhis he was sitting in the middle of the water bowl. He wasn't extremely active, but seemed to be doing ok. I didn't want to keep him locked up in the cage all day so I set the cage on it's side out in the yard (away from the pool) and set the water dish down he could still still lay in it if he wanted to. I hope he makes it ok and doesn't become pray for another animal but I guess that's kind of the way it goes

Based on your description, and thank you for that, he was an aquatic frog. That was why I put the large water dish in the tank so he could have access to water. I read online that I should have filled the tank with water but I was worried that he might have been injured from trying so long to get out of the pool that he might be more comfortable with somewhere solid to stand but still have access to water.

The ramp idea is a good one. I might need to see about doing that. I check the pool every afternoon for frogs trying to get out and I would say I save 1 or 2 every day. Sometimes they manage to find the hose for the Polaris and camp out on that until they are saved.
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I am so pleased to hear that froggy was okay!

Well done for saving him and not giving up, I bet he'd thank you if he could! Maybe he'll do it by not going in the pool again!
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Originally Posted by Sar
I am so pleased to hear that froggy was okay!

Well done for saving him and not giving up, I bet he'd thank you if he could! Maybe he'll do it by not going in the pool again!
I have this feeling for some reason that I am going to go home and he is going to be inthe pool... I sure hope not!
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Originally Posted by squirtle
I have this feeling for some reason that I am going to go home and he is going to be in the pool... I sure hope not!
I hope he's not too!

Maybe you could take him in and he could live with you?!
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