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Todays radio question: 08/03/05

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What is the one thing your really good at cooking?
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Spaghetti sauce
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Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

I cook other things as well but the real chef in the family is my hubby.
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Me cook? ROTFLMAO! Actually, I can cook....just don't a lot! What am I best at? Probably Kraft Spaghetti dinners, lol!
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nothing! I can't cook a lick! honestly! I can't cook at all. Even ready made dinners! I burn cinammon rolls from a can! I am a HORRIBLE cook!!!!!!
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anything on the Grill!!! I'm the Grill Queen!
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I asked my fiance', he says Chicken & Dumplings
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It's about the only thing that I can cook whithout it coming out of a box
( even that's not that good)
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I can cook lots of things well - as I am told and from my taste, anyway!

I think one of my best is chicken, leek and bacon bake! Quick and delicious!
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Risotto. Because I'm good at it and I like making up risotto recipes.

Other than that, I make the best bolognaise sauce in the ENTIRE universe. You can ask some people from Neptune if you don't believe me!!!
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Bananas cooked in cinnamon butter and rum.
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Baked beans!
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I can cook a lot of things really and usually they are pretty yummy I just don't take the time to do it unless company is coming.
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sauteed veggies
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lasagna! thats one of my favorites also chicken bog
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quiche I do a mean quiche.
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Dunno what is my best thing. I'm a pretty good cook, if I do say so. I try for lots of variety, and Rob's a wonderful guinea pig, so there's not too much repetition. If asked, Rob would perhaps say roast lamb, which is one of his most favourite things and his standard birthday request. But that's a guess.
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Mash potatoes and cakes, bf loves my mash potatoes.
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Boiled Eggs!!!

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Sesame chicken with shiitake mushrooms
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Boiled Eggs!!!

About as creative as me in the kitchen eh Rigz?!
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Lasanga... i dont know what it is about it. anytime any of dh's friends would come over and help with anything, i would offer to pay them, they would always beg for that instead.
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What is the one thing your really good at cooking?
I know only a few things, but the ones I'm good at seem to be good because they're just so easy. I make a good beef stew.
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