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Just got back from yet another doctor visit..

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I have to go get a "blood gas" done. Which means they stick a needle approximately .5-1 inch into my wrist, puncture my arterie, and draw blood. OMG! When my doctor told me this my face started turning really red and I started sweating bullets . He said "I'm not gonna lie to you. It hurts". My eyes must've gotten as big as golf balls because he got a concerned and startled look on his face and began questioning if I was ok. There I was sweating bullets and it was COLD in that room.

So, after they stab me with that needle I am set to go to a sleep study clinic and spend the night. They're gonna observe me while I sleep and see just how bad my sleep apnea is. Then with that information and the information received from sucking the blood out of my artery they will determine the severity of my sleep apnea and what type of mask I will require. The CPAP or the VPAP. The difference is HUGE. CPAP is between $600-800 and VPAP is about $2000.

THANK GOD my insurance covers 80%. That's STILL a lot of money!

Mommy.. I don't want to get that needle stuck in my wrist!
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Yes it hurts but ask them for a pain blocker first- they should be able to administer that to you with no problems.
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OUCH! Good luck, hon!
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Here is a URL for more information on the test! Good luck!

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I´m so sorry for the injuries... keep us updated about the result of the test.....
Good vibes to you on the way!
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Cassie, what lousy news for you! I hope that they give you a pain-blocker, like Hissy said. Sometimes when I have to have an uncomfortable medical procedure, I tell myself to pretend that I'm a horse at the vet - the medical staff's job is to do the procedure, and my job is to be a good patient. I even use the techniques from my old Lamaze classes, and visualize that I'm anywhere but in that office, and I concentrate on where I want to be, usu. out riding; I try to realize the smell of willows, and grasses baking in the summer sun, the buzz of insects, the slow gurgle of creeks, the snorts & swishings of the horses, the smell of a good horse's sweat, etc..
I just wish that you didn't have to have any unpleasant tests! But I hope that you get good, accurate results, and that the device you get is the cheaper one, and that your sleep apnea gets under control! Just think - to have energy, alertness -
Please keep us updated! Susan
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My prayers are with you. I know what you mean when you hear big needle. They wante dto stick me with one in my stomach pregnant. I about died when I saw the needle. Good Luck to you Sweety!!
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