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cover eyes

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Just curious if anyone else's kitty covers their eys while sleeping?? Yasmine uses her legs/paws to cover her eyes or she'll tuck her nose under a blanket just so the blanket covers her eyes..its really cute...
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Yes Sophie does it a lot!

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Awwww...Sophie looks so sweet sleeping with her eyes covered.
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My Sophie does it, too! They are soo cute!
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My kitties have all done it. I guess they just like the dark! Noodles likes to bury herself under blankets to sleep too.
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I caught Tucker doing this the other day-he hasn't done it since he was a little boy..

Sometimes Skyler sleeps in silly poses..
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Finn and Darci both do it. Finn is funny because he will hide under the bed until the overhead light is off and only the night stand light is on if he wants to sleep.
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Napoleon does it, it's adorable -- Jo would rather stretch right out.
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Yes, all 4 of mine do it.
Leo, my RB kitty, would cover his eyes with his paws and cry when he was scared. He would do it at the vet every time. It was so cute to se a 22 lb. red tabby male cat do that, but I hated that he only did it when he was scared.
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Dushka, who is the one who usually sleeps right up near my pillow, does it while I read in bed. Then when the light is out she stretches out with a sigh as if to say 'about time!'
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My Kelvin does it - but I haven't noticed if he only does it when the light is on.

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Miss Kitty does it as well, and yes it is adorable!

She also is very tolerant of me treating her like a "doll", hehe - sometimes when she's asleep I'll pull the covers up around her and she seems to snuggle right up under them.

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