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Hope I spelt that right!!... Anyway... On Saturday morning I got my cat magazine through the post (yes.. I subscribe) and flicking through it I saw the cutest kitten EVER!!! Soooooooo many pink little toes!!! He was a polydactyl kitten and he had.... TWENTY-SEVEN TOES!!! it was ooooo unbelievably cute!! Just wondered if anyone else saw it or anything like it before?!! I know some members have polydactyl's so I thought it might amuse them - it was just too darn cute!! By the way - is there anything specific that causes it? Just wondering....
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I like polys as well! I think it's a genetic thing and it's more common in some breeds (Maine Coons come to mind) and in some areas. I have only once seen a true poly in real life (a feral I used to feed), so I guess they're quite rare in Israel.
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I've nevr seen one in real life... I would love to though!!! Think how many toes you gotta kiss!! CUTE!
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And he is a kick! His name is Barty and he is a black long-hair poly. He loves to grab things with his extra digits and somewhere I have a picture of him in his younger days that shows his extra digits quite clearly. I'll look for it and post it here for ya. He is a pill to pill, because he is quick with those claws of his, and on his back paws he has 3 du-claws, one which curls up back into his pad. I have to keep it clipped really short. He is extremely sensitive of his feet too, most of my cats are ticklish on their pads, but not him, he will nail you if you touch his feet. They are all his!
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If you look in the basket, you can see his opposable thumb ..... We found him when we went over the mountain on a trip a few years ago. He and Bailey (my orange boy) we rescued.
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They are really neat. My Grandmother had a Manx poly that would use her paws like hands the extra claws acted like thumbs in a way, she was reaaly cool.
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Awwwww!!! Hissy he is soooo cute!! (does he still fit in that basket?!! ha ha ha ha)Glad to hear his extra "pinkies" don't bother him too much!! Ooooo and Buttercup.... No fair!! I wanna see one in real life!! Like to watch a bit of "monkey paw" hee hee..
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I was in Key West, Florida just over a year ago. They are known for there colonies of cats. Becacause it is an island, there is alot of inbreeding. This results in smaller cats & many of them have extra digits. I became quite friendly with some during my last trip. The condo management where I stayed fed a small colony.
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That is sooo cute Ady... I can just imagine a tribe of fifty 27 toed kitties...... that makes...... uh....... um..... alot of toes!! :laughing:
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Here is a link about this wonderful breed of cat

Hemingway's Cats
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I had my first polydactyl and a Manx (Buttercup!!!) when I was 22, his name was Maypo He passed away ...Brown Brown's a polydactyl..he has eight toes on his front paws and six on the back one's....he's a precious lover!!!! I would love another one, especially a Manx!

They're adorable!

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Thats it Cat!!! Im coming to stay!!! And Im taking Brown Brown home with me!! :laughing: You already have 9 cats - I only have 6, don't be greedy, GIVE ME BROWN BROWN!!!! DO IT!!! ha ha ha ha ha
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You can come over and see him though, he could be your kitty sammich for one day! :laughing2:laughing2

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Isn't it funny? Here we are talking about cats with many toes and I was browsing through the local humane society and I found this picture. This cat is Pet of The Week.

Gerard de Nerval
Domestic Short Hair
18 months
Brown Tabby
"Good with adults & children. Litterbox trained. Allow us to introduce a cat with many talents (& many toes), 'Gerard de Nerval' (named after a French poet). He is a big polydactyl, which means he has extra toes. He also has a very unique & handsome face. Gerard was abandoned by a person who obviously doesn't appreciate fine felines, so Gerard is feeling quite lonely. Please consider making this literary, lion-faced lovebug part of your life."
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Hopefully he will find a good home, they make really unique lap partners
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I'll have him!!!! GimmeGimme!!!! What? They won't ship to the UK??!!! Oh.... ok.... fine.....
And Cat - Just ONE day?!!!!awww c'mon gimme a week at least!!
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You guys are welcome to stay as long as you wish I have plenty of room....maybe a spare for the kitties! hahhaa!

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Cats developing opposable thumbs,being able to hold things in them...
You don't suppose they're planning on REPLACING us???
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