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I made it home!!!!

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Thank you to everyone who sent me Good Vibes. I had a great trip to Georgia and the wedding was BEAUIFUL It was just goergeous and her husband was very nice, I meet him for the first time. It was wonderful, I got to see my grandparents and I had some alone time with my Mom so that we got talk together and share things without anyone else. It was a great trip and I am glad to be home safe in Califoria. I missed my kids and hubby and my two little furbabies, which my baby Cali is very upset with me. I don't know what to do? She runs from me know and won't let me pet her or hug, which she usually loves it when I love on her. Help please?
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I am glad to hear you had a nice trip. Don't worry too much abiout Cali. She probably just has a little kitty-fit going on because you were gone for a while. She will come around. My kits get mad at me every time I go somewhere, but they always get over it. Usually about the time I shake the treat jar.
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Glad you had a good trip. Cali's just teaching you a lesson for going away. She'll come around. They do. Hope it doesn't take her too long. Have a look at Carolcat's "mean mommy bench" thread -- lots of stories there about this kind of thing.
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Thank you all for your info. I will do. I can't take my Cali giving me the silent treatment. I guess I will have to bribe her, LOL
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Cali is punishing you with the "cold shoulder treatment". What comes next is that she probably won't let you out of her sight for several days!
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Welcome back

Cali is doing what most cats tend to do when their owners go away - act all silly and aloof! You could also be carrying different smells since you have been away too, which in turn are making Cali nervy of you.

The first time I left Guin was for 3 days when I went to Dublin (and at that time he wasn't allowed outside). When I came back he went and hid for a whole day behind the bed!!! But soon afterwards, it took him no time to get back to normal
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Welcome back Chick!
Any pic of the Trip?
I´m so sure Cali soon going to be next to you looking for your spoil! ....
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Thanks everyone for your support! I really appreciate it. She's still acting wierd torward me but I'm sure she'll get over it. Hopefully..\\

Yea, I got a lot of pics of the wedding and of Georgia where my mom lives. As soon as I download them into my computer I'll have my hubby put them on here. I'm not very knowledgeable with the computer. I hope that you know what I mean. I know how to do the important stuff on here. I'll ry to get in on here tomorrow/
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Welcome back, Jenny! We kept the state nice & warm for you while you were gone! I agree with Gilly, the strange smells on your clothes seem to make some cats very nervous. did you try bribing with some turkey lunchmeat?
I still haven't figured out how to post my pics yet!
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