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The vet

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I had my pregnant cat at the vet earlier today.He said that the cat has about 1 and a haft to 2 weeks to go.What he can tell is that she has about 5 babies in her belly,but he wasn't to sure.He said doing a bunch of test now would be her in stress and because she is an outdoor wild cat he doesn't want to put her in anymore stress....he said while she goes out put a harness on her but have it loose enough that it wouldn't bother her belly.He said the cat is doing good,and she is healthy.Feed her her cat and kitten food.and lots of fresh cold water.Not milk.Told me not to worry to much that if I have any question all I have to do is call or bring her in.
He also said after the kittens are wean from the momcat that he will take them and find really good homes for them.He is going to spayed each of them and the momcat for no more litters and going to be around.He said he will do that in about 8 weeks after birth of the kittens
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Good luck with it - you sound like you have a really nice vet who will help you all he can
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He is alright,but he knows he will be making money of the kittens...lol...The white that you have is the same cat I have with brown eyes and a gray line on the head....really cute
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Actually he probably won't make money at all off of them. It is not usually cheap to spay and neuter cats and if he has to do 5 kittens and the mom, that is an awful lot of money he is willing to let go of. Unless you are paying him for the surgeries, but from what you said, it sounds like he is taking them off of your hands.

Even if you are paying, he most likely won't make a load off of finding the babies a new home. Being just mix breed wild barn cats, he cannot charge a ton of money for them.

But that is great that they are all going to be fixed immediately and good luck finding them new homes and with the birth. I hope it all goes well.
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He said he don't mind,he done them before.....He just wants to keep thje cats off the streets....I guess he is happy to do so...lol,and he will probally find better homes then what I would...
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Sounds like a great vet!

And you're right that he is in a win-win situation here: he spays/neuters the kittens for free or low cost, then they go to good homes and their people will be his clients for the rest of the kittens' lives. He does a good deed by preventing more kitten births and he makes money by finding them good homes with his clients. Everyone wins!
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When I first talk to the vet on the phone he said there was alway ppl bring in a momcat and litter or pregnant cats that they found on the side of the road....he even rescue a bunch of baby kittens in a lake that was wrap in a garage bag

there r a lot of sick ppl out there I guess
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