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That have posted such fine,sweet comments. They mean alot.

BUT!!!! To those who are making the snide comments and vicious pms. You have hurt one of the finest,sweetest women on the face of the earth. You judgemental,sour,sanctimonious...people..are not fit to lick her feet. I can think of no worse curse to wish on you than that you keep living the miserable,shallow,pointless little lives you deserve. If you want to run your flapping mouth at someone,try me. But keep your pm boxes and emails open you gutless wonders because you are going to be told where to go and what to do when you get there.
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Kittyfoot, THANK YOU for posting that so strongly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Because these two women ( and you know who you are, both of you ) are so ruthless for PM'ing Kittyfoot, Meme, and others in such a rude manner that I beleive they should be banned from this site. I am sure Anne would not be proud of her respected members PM's if only she could read them. They are dispiccable human beings who say they are "god faring"............God does not condone us to be nasty, selfless, and cruel. I am disgusted by the treatment they have given you and Meme, and I will keep fighting for both of you, and keep up my fight for them to be removed from this site permanently.
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What can I say??? I am so deeply touched by all the nice people here and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kittyfoot..... I LOVE YOU....AND I AM PROUD OF THE FACT!!!!!

Love to all,
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Meme - You Go Girl!

(always wondered where that ridiculous statement started, but it's fitting nonetheless)
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Oh...Lordy...I'm seeing it....Oh my's comin' in clear now...I see it coming...we better watch it or this Thread's comin' to a closin' soon! :paranoid2::disturbed:paranoid2:


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Thats ok Catarina.... Let them close it if they want. It has already been ruined by some very rude and uncaring people anyhow! Besides I have the whole thread saved....grin.

Love ya,
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