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Something Neat...

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Wayne (Kittyfoot or KF) and I just discovered something kind of neat tonight. It seems that his "boys" Tic & Tac and my "girl" Kiki Kat are the same age. By that I mean that all three of the kittys were born in June of 1993.

Anyhow we got a kick out of that. Not only was it highly unusual for us to live 2000 miles apart and meet each other on a cat site, and then fall in love , it turns out that our babies were born at the same time. We must be meant for each other. How much more can two people have in common??? :laughing2:

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Sounds like you are indeed made for each other.
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Thats so cool! It does sound like you two were meant to be together.
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Meme and Wayne
What can one say about a love that was meant to be! You guys are truly blessed?!

That's so cool about the kitties too!

Love & Hugs,
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That is very unusual that your babies were born at the same time. What a coincidence.
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How funny!

I can tell you guys are really in love, too, most people wouldn't even notice something like that!

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To everyone who thought it was neat also I wish to say thanks for the nice posts!!!

To Donna I would like to ask why did you find it necessary to post so rudely? If you didnt think it was neat then why post at all??? Just wondering....

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If someone doesn't like a Thread, and/or feels that they don't want to deal with another individual for some reason I don't see why this has to happen. I do believe that most of us should TRY to resolve past issues. Those who wish to continue to "hang on" to grudges obviously can do so without hurting other people's feelings.
Just keep it to yourself; it's so unnecessary to stir stuff like this up.
Just my opinion.

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If it helps any....I thought it was waaaaaaay cool...


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Thanks Cat Glad you thought it was cool.

Oh and thanks for the :chicken: joke you sent

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that some people cannot bear to see others happy. They must try to rain on each parade. I do hope that it is not out of ..dare I say it...jealousy.

For the children who are our newest visitors...Barbara(meme) and I are both in our 50's(I know...that is older than dirt )We live in opposite ends of the continent 2000 miles apart. We met on a cat site much like this one,became best friends and fell in love with each other. We hope to be married someday and as you can see are REAL happy we found each other. We both have cats,my two are Tic and Tac and hers is Kiki. We both love our cats dearly and look after them real well.

So please take note that no matter how many bad things you face in your life there is always a chance for love and happiness,it's never too late unless you lose faith. There are lots of good,kind people out there in the world. True,you will meet some who will dislike the fact that you are happy and will try to ruin your sunshine. Pay no attention to these people. They are mostly a sad and lonely lot themselves and we should just hope that they find a bit of sunlight some day.

I hope that each of you will find someone as wonderful as I have.
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Well said KF. I also felt that the person who wrote that rather rude post ( and it has been since deleted I see ), probably does do so out of jealousy. I cannot imagine why else anyone would want to rain on such a pretty parade as you and Meme have. Don't let her rain showers dampen either one of you. You deserve to be happy, both of you.
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I'm recieving PM's from a couple of members here who are "offended" by us "flaunting our affair". Just thought I should warn you folks that you are in danger of being "contaminated" Read our posts at your peril!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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What a coincidence KF!!! I received a couple of PM's too about YOUR "affair"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess even if I just post to you now, that I am GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!

Good God, whats next??? This is getting pretty pathetic in my opinion.
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Better stop even talking about it before the whole Thread gets deleted!

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Well I, for one, think this is pretty neat! You are obviously meant for each other. And I don't think you're flaunting your "affair;" you're just obviously very happy together. And that's something that everyone should want (and want for others too!).

But by the way, Wayne, did you know that you're old enough to be my dad? LOL
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dawnt91....go to your room young lady,you're grounded!!!:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I am older than dirt,I was around when the Rocky mountains were a valley. When I was a boy you had to light the stars every night with a candle. Texas only had 1 cow.

Thankfully love makes me..umm..30 again. Thanks Love
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You are sooooo right Cat. My lips are sealed.:tounge2:
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KF - If you send me to my room, does that mean that my kids have to stay out? Cause if it does, I'm on my way!
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I was going to respond to this thread at work, but the computer there was giving me absolute fits, so I had to wait until I got home.

That is so neat about your kitties, Meme & KF! How in the world did it ever come up? Just a casual conversation type thing? I love when little 'coincidences' like that pop up in my relationship.

As far as being 'offended' because you're 'flaunting your affair' (whatever that's supposed to mean...), well I can think of quite a few other things that are far more offensive!
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Yeah my computer and KF's were both acting up earlier today.. Must have been something major wrong somewhere.

Anyhow... yeah we did discover this in a casual conversation. Thanks for taking the time to post this evening!

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WOW! I think it is so cool...the kitties can grow old together as you 2 will. How sweeeeeeeet
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Uhhhh Jocelyn.... We are already old :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

But I am glad you think it is neat too...

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Meme, doesnt sound like you are TOO old to me. Sounds like maybe the body is, but the spirit remains young. Keep it up. My grandma is 69 yrs. young, and boy does she love life (and loves the fact that she is a newlywed and the perks that go with it..which by the way, is not something you share with your granddaughter EW!:disturbed )
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Eh? In my youth, I will work on this puzzle....
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I am laughing about the "perks" you mentioned in you post..
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Im not-that is so ew! to hear for me...hehe. Glad I could make someone smile!
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Kf & Meme!
I just want to say that it is wonderful that the 2 of you love each other so much. There is never enough love in the world. I love that your "babies" also now have a connection.
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Thanks lady for the nice comments!!! After all that has happened it is sooo nice to get a sweet message like that. I just hope that when the time comes all 3 cat will end up liking each other. Tic and Tac are such cute guys! I have met them and fell in love with them right away. They of course are still not to sure about me!
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