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Should we get our cat a friend?

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My bf and I have been thinking that maybe we should get a friend for our cat Maya. We adopted her in march, she is approx 1 1/2-2 years old(although I am not so sure about that since she has grown a lot since we got her, but that is what we were told). The humane society had no info on her at all.

She quickly adjusted to us, she is the kind of kitty where everything has to be about her. She always wants attention, rarely wants to be left alone, very vocal(we say something to her and she does this little growling sound), so I "chat" with her all day long. Wants to come with us everywhere we go, she loves being in the car with us no matter where we go. She is truly a little princess in every way.

She wasn't spayed, so we got her spayed in april. Lately she is walking around meowing in this deep voice, like she is looking for something. So we are not sure that this behaviour is left over from the fact that she wasn't spayed, or if she is bored and wants someone to play with. She is good at entertaining herself, extremely playful, and always finds something to do, be it crawling into cardboard boxes, hiding her bouncy balls then pretend to hunt them down...We play with her every day numerous times troughout the day.

So finally the question, would a little friend be a good idea? We keep debating over this issue, and we just can't decide if she would actually like having another cat around or not.(of course only Maya can decide that )I just wanted to hear what you guys have to say, I am sure someone has a lot of experience with this.
We are thinking about adopting from the humane society again, either a kitten or one that is around the same age as Maya, although I think playing wise maybe the kitten would be better for her, and that way the kitten would adjust to her ways maybe...

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I had a very similar situation with my first cat Joshua. He was following me EVERYWHERE and meowed all the time. He would often just walk around the apartment meowing as loud as he could for up to 30 minutes non-stop. He is kind of a neurotic kitty.

I knew that he had lived with other cats before (all unneutered males) so it was a pretty safe bet that he'd get along with a new cat. Joshua was 1 1/2 year old and I got a 5-6 month old female to keep him company. They get along great and Joshua has mostly stopped his neurotic meowing.

In your case it's hard to tell if your cat would get along with another cat. I think in most cases, when introduced slowly, cats will at least co-exist peacefully. Even if they don't fall crazy in love with each other, I'm sure they still enjoy the company.
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I would say that based on your description of your cat's life, she doesn't really need a companion, she already has a good enough life with you. But if YOU want another cat, by all means get another cat!!
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