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Ah har har har!!

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Well, we all know the universal kitty appeal of the ever-faithful laser-light pen. I wondered tonight how it would work with Ruby...OMG I was almost rolling around the floor - if anything she was more full-on than a cat!! She was SO excited by it! And it wore her out better than throwing a ball ever has!

YAY a new toy! I wonder if it works on ferrets??? Lol...
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That's because cats have a superior intellect cats get fed up after a while I bet Ruby had an absolute ball chasing the light around. Another good one is the rainbow light refractions you get form a watch in the sunlight and stuff. If you have a little crystal, it's much more fun... once that refracts the light they don't know which light splodge to aim for!!
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You know - it's funny you should say that about their intellect. Max and I were talking about that the other day and we were saying no matter how intelligent a dog is, and what it does that is just so impressive, there is still this universal impression that dogs are shaggy mutts with cotton-wool for brains and cats are ultimately superior in every way.

Now, I'm not necessarily disputing this....lol....

...but, in playing with the pen I was certainly very impressed by little Ruby's smarts and powers of deduction...
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I hate to be a spoil-sport, but I don't allow people to play with a laser with my cats because I am afraid the light will accidentally get in their eyes and damage their vision.

The way the cat jumps around and chases the light, it would be almost impossible to keep the beam from hitting the cats eyes, and I would feel horrible if hurt my kitty(ies).

I have fun with a laser at meetings, church, and funerals, shining the dot on the ceiling.

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I also thought the laser toy would be great. WRONG - Loki chased it for about 30 seconds - then he found out where the light came from and that i\\t wasn't something tangible he could catch - The game was over!!!!!

To smart a little guy from momies sake!! We are back to chase the kitty!!
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winwin i completely understand your worry, but i promis it wont hurt your kitty unless someone is keeping it in there eye for long periods of time. The little flashes as you move the lazer wont do any damage. just wanted to let ya know :-) its completely yor choise
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When I was young we used a flashlight shined on the wall. Hmmmmmmmmmm must try that again!!
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