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Cat and the fishtank

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My cat mimi is always up on the fish tank and in the back of the lid there is 2 holes for tubing to go through. She poked one of the zebras and he had a big mole like thing on his side..he died but it was really gross cause it is still floating around in the fish tank somewhere.. Does anyone knw what it was?
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Hi Tasha

Sorry I dont have a clue and it seems we are the only people on the site right now. Anyhow dont think I have met you yet so welcome to the site! Ok so I am late doing so I dont post all that much. Hope someone that knows about fish can answer your question.

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I don't know what it was either...I don't have fish...but welcome to the site....I hope there is some way to keep your cat from killing any more fish. Glad you have joined us here.
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It's been a long while since I was "fishy" but here goes.It was most likely a fungus and needs to be removed from the tank POSTE HASTE. Check with a vet or someone who knows about fish..you may have to change and treat the water. I remember a fungus infection can wipe out a batch of fish in no time.
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I used to have fish and a cat, but she never managed to actually get a fish. Wow. Small paws if they fit through the slot with the tubing.

I'm wondering, if the cat actually made contact with the fish, if it's a scab where the claw broke the skin? I sometimes get a small puncture in my hands if one of my current cats sticks his claws in me (such as when I'm removing him from a countertop, where they are not allowed) but doesn't drag his paw to scratch.

But you'll never know until you get the thing out of the water and have a look! Put it in a baggy and refrigerate it until you can take it to a pet store or wherever your aquarium expert is and someone confirm what it is and suggest a remedy. And do it fast, in case it really is something contagious. You'd hate to lose the other fish.

Good luck!
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I have nine fish tanks and what it sounds like to me is a fungus or even a parasite. whatever the case, you need to get your dead fish out of the water and treat the tank with maracyn. That will kill the bacteria from the dead fish and keep any parasites or fungus from spreading to the other fish.
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Yaaaaaay! Barb!
It's so great that you know stuff like that!
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We treated the tank, but we can't find the mole thingy. I mean, it's only a 20 gallon tank, so it's not that big, but it's nowhere to be found.

It could of been an internal infection, like an abcess, that caused it to swell up.

I don't know what it was. The fish died a week ago and we haven't lost anymore.
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Hmmm...well, sorry about the one fish But, it's really great you haven't lost anymore. I hope all of 'em stay good and healthy for ya

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Thanks for all the advice!
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Tahsa, it could've been an infection of some sort. Do you clean your tank? Like changing the water and things like that? if you do then the icky mole thingy is probably gone and you have nothing to worry about. if you don't change your water, then you might want to do it this time to make sure that none of the other fish get sick...
keep me posted...
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