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American Idol Concert

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For all of you fellow Idol people out there, I went to the concert last night here in Cleveland, and let me tell you, they were great. Much better performers in real life than on tv. Poor Bo broke his foot, but he hobbled out on stage and still gave it all he had!!
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Oh Susie, I am so jealous!
How did everyone do? Bless Bo- he's so talented and SUCH a trooper!
Did Constantine give all the ladies his "bedroom eyes"?
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So give us more details, who was your favorite? least favorite? Did they sing the song from the show, or their singles from the album?
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You lucky duck!!! You didn't tell us you were going!!!! I'll bet you had a blast!! So, which "Idol" was waaaaaaay better in person than on TV?
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Have I mentioned how much I HATE not being able to be on line during the day at work anymore! Sorry guys I"m so slow answering......can't really stay now, but promise to bring you all up to date on the concert probably tomorrow night..........should be home then! It was GREAT!!!
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do you take pics?
and Jerry boy, went with you? ....
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I know you are going to be busy tonight and this weekend, but don't forget that we need DETAILS!
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ya! plzzzzz!
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yess!!!! tell me all about Constantine!!
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Ok guys, I have a few minutes here. First off, Jessica came out and started the show. Each of the top 10 came out, in the order they were booted off, starting with Jessica and ending with Carrie. They all were great. I had my favorites while the show was on, but each one of them did a great job and sound even better in person than they did on TV. Vonzell had a beautiful buttercup yellow flamingo style dress on. Just gorgeous. Bo, who had a broken foot and was hobbling around in a cast, was great. You could tell he was in some pain but was a real trooper. Scotty the Body, who is from here, was awesome. He brought his son up on stage with him and everyone went nuts. He's a cute little guy. Nadia made me sick with her great legs. I WANT THEM! Niko did some Stevie Wonder songs, (I think one of them is called Part Time Lover) We all got up and danced to that! Constantine.....what is there to say about him. He was as sexy there as he was on TV. I go for the clean cut look in men, but there was just something about him. Everyone did two songs, and at the end, they all came out and did several as a whole. Carrie was as cute as ever. THey all looked just like they did on tv. Anthony was great. Put another 20 years on that kid and va va va vooom! The concert lasted about 3 hours and was totally worth it. My girlfriend Lorraine bought me the ticket for my birthday, so just the two of us went. Had a blast!!!! Wish I could have taken pics, but that is a big no no!
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How about Anwar? I really liked him in the beginning, and then he just seemed to fizzle!
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It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I a few years, when Anthony have a few more miles on him, he will be a good looking guy.
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Sounds like fun Susie! I'm jelous!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
How about Anwar? I really liked him in the beginning, and then he just seemed to fizzle!
Doggone it, I knew there was one I forgot! Anwar! He was just as good as all the others........believe me, they sound so much better in person!
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