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ack! naked chin?

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Eep! My kitty's chin is hairless!

Is it feline acne? I thought that was mainly a problem for white-chinned
cats, but she is dark chocolate all over. Also, I don't see any particles
that look like dirt or coffee grounds.

It's a relatively small triangular spot (about the size of her nose) on the
front of her chin, right beneath her lower lip. (Wish I could take a

I've noticed her hair there has gotten thinner, a little at a time, for the
past couple of weeks. Then today I saw it and it's suddenly bright red and
pretty much bald. It also looks a bit greasy, like pus. There is maybe one
whitehead... it's hard to tell. I don't see any dark spots... I don't
think.... it's hard to tell with the dark fur.

(And yes, she drinks from a plastic dish. I didn't know it was a problem
until today. I'll fix it.)

Can I just apply peroxide and/or alcohol, and see if that helps? (Looking
for something I can do about it tonight.)

I'm also kind of afraid to touch it. Not so much because of infection, but
I'm worried that it might be contagious for humans. Someone please
correct/reassure me, here. =)

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Hi Heather

That definitly sounds like feline acne. Wash it with a bit of warm water and salt.

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defiently sounds like feline acne, keep it good and clean. we used fragrance free baby wipes. and changed dishes...Jellie had a bad case and the vet man also gave her some ceta drops to help.
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Dip a cotton ball into HYDROGEN PEROXIDE nad wet down the affected area - it's an anticeptics that we also use on my Moms kitty Piper. Do it 2 to 3 times a day and replace all plastic bowls / cups with glass or stainless steal.

She'll be just fine!!
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Feline acne would be very easy to miss on a cat of that color.
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Thanks for your input, guys!!!

Yep, she's definitely got several whiteheads fully sprouted, now. Teenage flashbacks!

Should I clean under her chin, too, just in case?

Is this a chronic condition? I mean, if I get these cleared up... will I have to be on the lookout for it again and again, the rest of her life?
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Yes, clean all around the area too with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Most likely if you remove the cause (plastic) she should be fine. But, I would check her regularly and in case it starts up you can catch it early!
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I wash my cats' chins periodically. That seems to prevent it from recurring.
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