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I got a kitten!!

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Tonight I got a new kitten! A snow leopard bengal.... he's 7 weeks! Very cute! Came with papers & all!!
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Post pictures as soon as you can will you? Congrats by the way!
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You won't be getting bored these next few months
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I cannot wait to see pictures!

I finally convinced my fiance that we need to quit renting! So, we will be buying a house this year and Clyde can then have a brother or sister to play with!
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Oh yes Tigger! I want to see pictures also!!!!
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What a young kitten? Do you live in a state that allows kittens under 8 weeks to be placed in a home (Connecticut law does not allow us to place any animals under 8 weeks old)? Did you get him from a breeder? Most breeders keep their kittens until they are 10 to 12 weeks old - he must be very very cute and small - congratulations!
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Congrads Tigger! Whats his name? Pics! We wanna see pics!
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His name is Gizmo....... I posted a link on here somewhere...... it has his picture!
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Tigger gave an update on Gizmo in a new thread. Please post all replies in this thread. We want to keep all the same subjects together to make it easy to follow.
Tigger, the only way to tell for sure if cats are warm, it so take a rectal temperature. This will tell you if there is danger of a fever.
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Ooops, didn't think of that........ Thanks for moving it!!
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Oh, you are so lucky. I am dying to get a bengal and the snow bengals are so beautiful. I wanted a snow or the silver. I still haven't made up my mind. Keep me posted on how the other kitties react to him!! Good luck and congratulations.
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I couldn't find that link you mentioned. Where can I find it? I've never seen a snow bengal before but it sounds beautiful!
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Here is the link to the thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...3?threadid=599
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