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Feeling Guilt

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Last week I started a new job and its 730-430... pretty much the same hours that DH works. I feel bad that the cat is alone all day (even though I know all she does it sleep). What can I do when I get home... I feel bad cause she races to the door when I get in. Makes me feel sooooo bad!!
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Oh Beth I'm sorry you feel bad me and my hubby were doing that at one time now my job and hours have changed I used to leave the tv on for him wile at work so the house was not so quite and when we came home we fussed over him big time and played till he was sick of playing and he did not suffer for it if anything I think he gained cause our time was very special and I know he looked forward to it as much as we did hope this helps
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Both hubby and I work long hours. I have 5 greeting me at the door when I get home - nice feeling.

Is there any room for another kitty to keep Meishka company? If not, it's O.K. she will be fine
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I always leave the radio on while i'm at work or the tv on during the weekend if i'm gone. Its always a nice feeling for me to know that shes waiting and excited to see me when i walk in...dont feel bad!!!!
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I'd try to look at it from the perspective of non-catlovers.....a lot of those people claim that cats are aloof and don't care where you are as long as they have food.....obviously, with your kitty, she's proving them wrong!
Maybe, once in a while put some of her favorite treat into your purse before you leave in the morning. This way, when you come home, have them in your hand as soon as you walk in. Now you can show your kitty you missed her as much as she missed you! Good luck!!
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Beth, is there any possibility of adopting another playmate for your kitty? Also, there are supposed to be some videos specifically to entertain cats. It's a lonely spot for your kitty, but someone's gotta bring home the bacon; and you love her so much when you get home, that does help!
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Originally Posted by catsknowme
Beth, is there any possibility of adopting another playmate for your kitty? Also, there are supposed to be some videos specifically to entertain cats. It's a lonely spot for your kitty, but someone's gotta bring home the bacon; and you love her so much when you get home, that does help!
Here's an article about a movie for kitties. I think that it is the same movie that was in a Ladies Home Journal article.
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Beth I understand completely how that feels. I work long hours and leave near to 6 am some days and return at 7-8 pm when I travel for the office. I hate it, I absolutely hate it. But Sasha likes the Weather Channel so I leave that on, and Saba just sleeps a lot. WHen I come home, I see her little nose pokedup over the window in the foyer by the front door. She looks so forlorn, and that she's missed me all day. But I play with them extra and give them treats. They really are ok and it took me a long time to know this.
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With Kitter's my BF is home ALL THE TIME, but on very rare occasions he has to come to work with me or to run some other errands while I work and we are gone ALL day, about 12 hours. On those days Kitters does great us at the door (just like she does when daddy is home with her even) but expects (and gets) about an HOUR of loving!!! She just wants to be petted and rubbed and loved. Then she is all happy again!!! As long as you make it up to her I think she will be just fine and not scared for life!!
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It's horrible when you have to leave your babies behind. We are having the same problem with Ruby - except it's worse because she's a pup and they're very different from cats - really do feel a lot of separation anxiety and obviously don't spend as much time with you inside.

If you can't perhaps get another kitty for her to play with, just leave some music on (classical, preferably, for some reason my kitties love that and hate everything else!) a curtain or two open so that they can see outside, toys to play with and a nice comfy spot to sleep (and believe me she WILL sleep a lot!). Then when you get home have a big old play with her and she'll be happy as anything! Cats are good at entertaining themselves and she won't be mad at you as long as you give her lots of lovin' when you get home!

When I used to get home from work Sashka was so excited she would jump into the window that looked out into the carport (my bedroom) and meow and headbutt the window - it looked so painful!! I had to dash inside before she knocked herself out!
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I've never had a situation where I didn't have to leave a cat or cats alone for the span of a workday. Pretty typical is our current situation, wherein we each go out between 8 and 8:30 in the morning; I'm home anywhere from 5:30 to 7:30, depending on when I get out of the office, and what I need to do on the way home; Rob's in somewhere around 7 or a little after.

I have always left at least a couple of radios on. That's about security as much as anything, but I think it's company for the cat/s, too.

Remember that cats are nocturnal, and sleep a good part of the day. I make sure I say goodbyes in the morning, and say something about how long I'll be and what I'll be doing. Do they understand the detail? No. But that's not the point. They do understand the "keeping them in the loop" I think, and that this is just a normal day that they can sleep through, and we'll get our cuddles later.

Sometimes they are all over me when I get home, and sometimes they aren't finished sleeping and resent being disturbed I just play that one by ear, and everyone's happy.

Don't do too much of a number on yourself -- they can do that quite satisfactorily without help
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Aw my kitties are home all by themselves too but they have each other to keep company
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Originally Posted by captiva

Is there any room for another kitty to keep Meishka company?
Thats the reason why i got Sophie because i hated the thought of Rosie being on her own
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At first I felt guilty about leaving my two alone all day, but then last weekend I was home all day saturday, and after about 10am they disappeared to the bedroom and slept all day even though I was there! They woke up occassionaly to get some munchies, but then went to sleep again until about 6pm (the time I ususally get in from work). I honestly don't think they minded being left to sleep all day (after waking me up at 3am!).

I'm sure yours will be fine, but as others have said, a playmate might be nice to stop her from getting into too much trouble!
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We had tried to get Meishka a buddy but that did not fly. She was soooo MEAN!!!! She's a spoiled little baby. I KNOW all she does is sleep all day... before I got the job and I was home all the time I hardly saw her. She did tend to sleep near where I was but she was still zonked out. I would love to get Meish a playmate but we have a small home and I don't really want a kitten running around. The only place we have to seclude the kitten is the computer room and I don't want the kitten getting hurt on the wires or anything in here. My friend offered my her dog but she's still only 9 months and not house broken and would need to be kenneled all day and that isn't much company for meish (the dog is smaller than Meish so I don't think she'd be too upset )

We'll see. If I noticed she is distressed I'll think about maybe getting her a friend. I'll leave the radio on today and see if that helps.

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Beth, before I got Cosette, Eponine loved loved LOVED her CatSitter video. I always ran that for her when I was at work.
Eppie, too, never got along with other cats. That's why, when I was ready to get her a playmate, I got her one that was very young (Cosy was about 8 weeks old I think) and they've been friends ever since. So maybe a young kitten is the solution?
I dunno, but I am Meish is aware of how much mommy loves her and I am sure that once you're home from work she is bathed in affection .
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Beth, I'm gonna give you a big ole virtual hug now because I know how you feel I haven't worked/went to school since last October. I've been here for Oscar since he came to live with us (about 5 months) and I've been here every day of Sui's life. I'm about to go back to work AND school. Sui's will entertain herself, I'm not tooo worried about her I'm so worried about Oscar. He's such a mama's boy He insists on being no more than 5 feet away from me all day. Fortunately, I have 4 cats so they can keep each other company.
I know we feel bad, but there's not much we can do. Lucky for us, cats sleep most of the day so it's not too bad, I guess. I'm sure after a little while longer, Meish will get used to the new routine and things will be OK.
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I think my cats know the routine. Ox will sleep all day, Grizz and Bobs probalby the same. I see bakker's toys in different places to he moves around a bit.
I think its nice to have them meet my by the door when I come home though.
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