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Good vibes for my dog please......

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My mom called today and said that Max, my dog, isn't doing very well. He hasn't went potty since 5am this morning and doesn't want to eat or move. She said that he wouldn't eat his dry food so she tried to give him his canned food (he has had heart problems for 2 years and that's how she gives him his pills)and then he ate it. So she tried to give him a whole can later and he wouldn't eat it. Like I said, Max has had heart problems for 2 years and has done really well. He is 12 years old so we were kind of expecting this. I just didn't realize it would be this soon as he's been doing ok the past few weeks. Also he's been trhowing up so mom is hoping it's just the flu. Dad thinks its kidney failure. My dad is off tomorrow so he will be going to the vet with mom as Max's appointment is at 1:30. I am going to go over there before work tomorrow to probably say goodbye to Max. I am bawling as I type this

I am having a bad week. I hurt my foot really bad a few days ago and am getting sick with something. Now Max is slowly passing. Could ya'll spare some good vibes and hope its really nothing serious? I really don't want to lose him. I don't want to go to my parents from now on with no Max greeting me at the door.


PS Thanks for any good vibes you send me
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Sending some vibes ur way for max...god bless him!!!

keep us posted
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sending good vibes your way and a little prayer for Max
hope your foot heals soon
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I'm so sorry you have all the good vibes I can send we lost our sweet girl a few months back so I know how you are feeling I hope with all my heart things go well at the vet good luck
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My thoughts and prayers are with you and Max.
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Max is in my thoughts.
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More good vibes and prayers for Max!
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sending many many many good vibes to you & Max from across the ocean
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Hoping that this is not something serious, and that Max will recover and have some more time with you. Also hoping that you're feeling better.

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Sending lots and lots of good health }}}VIBES{{{ to Max and lots of and }}}VIBES{{{ to you to!
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Sending mega good health vibes to Max.
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So sorry to hear this, do you have any more news on how he is yet?

Lots of good vibes coming your way
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Here is every vibe I can possibly send you. I know how I would feel if Bjourne was in the position Max was. I love that dog more than I thought I ever would.

Here are all of my vibes
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sendign lots of good vibes your way!
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Well I went to mom and dad's this morning and Max was in their bedroom and stood up and wagged his tail. But just looking in his eyes, he looks so sad. He went potty while I was there and was drinking water. I almost think he's dehydrated by the way he was acting. He was kind of licking the roof of his mouth, kinda like humans do to get spit on their tounge (I know, kinda gross, but that's the only way I can describe it). And his nose was dry. I don't know if animals are like humans when they are dehydrated but it sure seems like that could be what's wrong. I don't know though. I cried almost the whole time I was there because he just didn't want to do anything. Mom and Dad are taking him to the vet now and I will post again when I find something out in a few minutes. Just wanted to update you.

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Saying a prayer that the vet has some good news for Max . Also hope you get to feeling better soon, chick! Have that nice boyfriend of yours make you some chicken noodle
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Well my mom just called and said that they are going to keep him overnight and do bloodwork and a chest x-ray. It's like a human. If you say your sick they have to do tests to find out what's wrong. But my mom knows one of the nurses there and she said they will call when they find out. They are open til 7 so she said she will try to call before then as they are busy. The vet's are very good there at what they do and I trust they will do the right thing. I hope Max pulls through and I told my mom to call as soon as she finds out. Thanks for all the good vibes everyone and I will keep you posted!
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More vibes and prayers for Max, and for you. He's in good hands, so try to be gentle with yourself, OK?
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
More vibes and prayers for Max, and for you. He's in good hands, so try to be gentle with yourself, OK?

Courtney, I couldn't put it better myself. We have a 6 mo old puppy girl and I understand the anxiety. We love our dog so much. Here's sending you the strongest and best healing vibes from all of us!
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Many good vibes to you and Max.
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I'm sending good vibes for Max. I really hate to say this, but the symptoms you're describing sound very much like our last dog's, whose kidneys failed at 13. We had him pts, but our vet told us he wouldn't have survived another 24 hours. He gave me a look that just said, "Mommy, make it end. I can't take any more." I really hope that things aren't that far along with Max, but you might have to prepare yourself for the worst.
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Many healing vibes sent right to you and Max...
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Hope your baby will be ok. It is always so terrible when they get sick and they can't tell us what is wrong. Those sad eyes are a killer aren't they?
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Aw, poor old Max. We had to have an old dog pts this spring...even if you know it is time it hurts. I hope the vet finds a way to make Max comfortable so you will have more time with him.
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I´m so sorry to heard that dear Courtney..
Sending good vibes! he has my prayers today!
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Sorry to hear that Max isn't well, Courtney. I hope he isn't suffering too badly and that he still has some time to spend with you. I know you love him! We're thinking of you!
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Sending good vibes and prayers to you and Max.
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My best ever vibes to you and Courtney..Thanks for taking care of her during this difficult time..
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That's sad, but wisest of course not to put him through any more, when there's nothing really to be gained. Please take good care of Courtney for us. She'll need lots of hugs -- you will, too, but you don't have to admit it -- take care of each other, OK
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bump for good vibes
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