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What happened to him?!!

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My male cat, Riley, is a year old and we had him neutered and declawed at the same time 7 weeks ago. His temperment is now completely different! Riley used to like to play and was very spunky. He now lies around all day (literally!!) and has started to urinate on my husbands clothes that lay in the closet as well as urinating on his own favorite blanket. These items are not in places that you would think to look for urine! He has always known where the box is. Why, can anyone help me understand, is he so different than before the surgery and how can I help him get better? Thank you!!!!
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I am so sorry that your kitty was declawed. I have read a lot of threads about personality & health problems after it was done. Try a "declawing" search on this forum. Maybe there will be some info. that will help you. Hang in there with your kitty...keep looking for answers. I hope things get better for you both.
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Declawing hurts, chances are good he now views his litterbox as a source of pain.
Seclude him in a small room with his food/water and litterbox, but instead of litter use shredded paper for a while.
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I know someone who had their cat spayed/declawed and she became the exact same way. The litter might be hurting your cat's paws now, so he's finding other places to go potty. You might want to take him back to the vet and see if there is anything wrong. Their cat's vet had 'missed' a piece of nail and it was very sore.

You could also try torn up newspaper instead of litter for a while--that's what they usually suggest for afterwards.

All I can suggest is to give him lots, and LOTS of loving.
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It is an unnecessary and painful procedure we put these cats through, and we expect them to come out the other side the same as before they had their toes and claws taken. It just doesn't work. Throw away the litter and buy two new litter pans- use shredded newspaper for about two weeks and once he gets used to the pain and the different feeling that he now has switch to rabbit food (rabbit pellets) It is less painful to the feet and the alfalfa will absorb the odors. Also be very cautious of infection in the feet.
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My cousin, a vet tech - who actally has a Masters in Nursings - once worked for a vet who declawed. She lasted a week with him - declawed kittens woke up in utter pain and would throw themselves against the cage at the vet's office, o upset were they and so insecure with the loss of something so important to them. Declawing is illegal in every western country except the US and Caada but some municiplaities are getting wiser.

Unfortunately, some vets still declaw and those cats end up in shelters more frequently due to changes in behaviour, inapprpriate urination (these kitties often associate the pain they stil;l feel with the litter box) and more biting - their teeth are the only defence these poor babies have left.

You will need to now work with your baby to overcome these problems which I would bet lots of money are due to the declawing. Good luck!!! Help him become secure again - somehow - and give him lots of attention and love! Yesterday's News is also good litter or as Hissy says newsprint can be subbed. But get rid of the litter he associates with pain - you may have to start over with the litter training to come extent.
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I've got to say that I agree declawing is very painful but i'd like to remind everyone there may be other cirumstances. My husband and I just adopted two kittens and we live in an apartment, we will be moving out in four months because the landlord says cats should be declawed by then, but if we had no where else to go I couldn't imagine giving up my kittens and I would be selfish enough to declaw them.
As for Rileys behavior change; is there anything else that has changed recently? Maybe its more than one thing, maybe for a couple days he needs to be in his own room when he is unsupervised. I hope Riley returns to normal! good luck.
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that is so awful! i hadnt realized the grossness that can happen after declawing until i saw some pictures of like things going wrong, which made me want to hurl. i know my aunt (yeeeeeeeeears ago) had their cat declawed ( i think..i could be wrong so dont take my word on that one) but if they did, (and only her fronts were taken out) luckily she was fine personality wise and didnt get weird. i just clip my cats claws, infact today i (thought) i saw a ripped (whole) nail on the couch, i was like 'o my god my cats nail was ripped off!' because there was blood. come to realize it was just a tooth! my little children (one of them) lost a tooth. so yea i was freaked because i didnt know what would happen/to do if his nail somehow got ripped out. but good luck with little riley! yea coming in to find urine on your clothes would not be pleasant..:S he just needs a little kitty therapy! good luck.!
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I agree that declawing can sometimes lead to inappropriate urination when the cat experiences pain while in the litterbox. As others have suggested I would try changing the box, the litter and the location of the box. I would also speak to your vet about some anti-inflammatories for your kitty if he seems to still be in pain. A recheck with the vet is also a good idea to rule out a urinary tract problem.
As far as his energy level goes- many cats become quieter and more "mellow" after they are neutered. This is more likely due to the fact that they are maturing rather than related to the neuter procedure. We spay and neuter cats at a rather critical point in their social development (this is in part how we can reduce spraying behaviour). Not all cats will behave like kittens their whole life, however some will! It is important to take all of this into consideration when thinking about feline nutrition. It may be time to put your kitty on an adult food now that he is expending less energy. Royal Canin also has a new line of neutered-cat foods designed to compensate for the need for less calories.
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