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Need advice about weepy eye!

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For the past two days aerowyn has been having more of a weepy eye than usual. Usually I have to wipe her eyes at least once a day, but its not all that bad. The past two days she has been getting more crust than usual on her left eye, and it has been more wet. I took a warm, wet washcloth and sprinkled some water in her eye to wash it out last night, hoping that would help, and it did a bit. The weeping went down considerably, and when I got up today, there was less crust, but her eye still doesnt look right. Her right eye is just black around the edge like it should be, but the left one has gotten a bit white on the edge (just the skin, not like pus and infection) to me this means the outer skin is a bit swollen. I think maybe it is just from allergies (they seem to not like their own fur when it gets in their noses and eyes) or maybe she scratched her eye a tiny bit somehow, or got something in it. She usually ahs both eyes open, but blinks the left more often, and doesnt keep it as open as she does the other one. I gently pulled the eye open more and the skin is a bit off colored (reddish) and irritated. SHould I take her into the vet right away? Or can it wait till friday? Can I treat it myself with just "washing" it out every few hours?

I am aware that infection can spread fast in an eye and by no means will I just let it sit if it is an emergency. I've seen cats taht were ignored and ended up losing their eyes over stuff, but I dont think it's that bad of a problem.

She doesnt constantly rub her eye with her foot, and seems normal besides the fact she looks liek a raccoon (if a human was punched in the eye they would get the black around it, she looks like she's got white around it)

So anyone maybe have some advice on what I should do?

help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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UGH! MY MOM IS SUCH A B****!!!!! I went into the livingroom and said "Mom... if aerowyn's eye isnt better by friday we'll have to take her in I think. And she says "Well, where in the hell am I supposed to get the money for that" and in my head I thought "WEll if you can borrow twenty dollars from your boyfriend to buy CIGARETTES I dont suppose it would be all that much trouble to borrow thirty from him" (20 for the visit and probably 10 for ointment she will need) but before I said that she said "I havent even got the money to take Rosco to the vet, and he's deaf" and I thought again "well duh, he's 19 years old, he's had hearing troubles for many years, no wonder he's deaf" but I said "Well his ears wont fall of because he's deaf, he's just old. If aerowyn's eye gets worse, it could get infected, and it will end up having to be extracted, or she could get a really bad fever or the infection could go into her brain and kill her" and then I said "Well couldnt you just borrow the money?" and she's like "Well couldnt you just get a job?" and I wanted to cry again so bad! Thats all everyone says to me is "why dont you have a job, get a job!" and my grandma and uncle and everyone complains to HER about it so then I get nagged at by HER. Of course she never gives me the phone when they call to let me chew them out. No one understands!!! I told my mom that when I get a job all I think about is all the people I have to deal with, how boring the job will be, how stressed otu and weird I'll feel every day I go into work, the hopeless, despairing feeling I'll get because I dont like the job. I told her I probably have a sort of social anxiety disorder, and she was like "oh dont give me that crap, its just lazyness is all. You're just F****** lazy."

God she just makes me want to cry so bad. I know some people can understnad how I feel. I hate turning 18. All the sudden stuff they didnt expect from you the day before is expected from you. Its like magically the day after I turned 18 I would have a good job, a place to live, and be making lots of money. What the hell do they want from me? Why cant they just leave me alone!

My poor aerowyn. Anytime I express concern for my cats my mom says "well why dont you just get a job?" and I always want to say "Well why dont you just quit smoking and stop being such a nagging witch?"


Poor aerowyn. maybe if I keep asking and just suggest things she will take her in on friday if aerowyn isnt any better.

Anyone know of anything I could do myself besides kind of washing her eye out with warm water?
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aroudn her eye it still looks a bit irritated and she still looks like a raccoon but I washed her eye out again and the weeping has basically stopped. Tomorrow hopefully the redness of the skin will goa way and it will go back to normal, but if it hasnt I'll just keep trying to persuade my mom and keep cleaning it. *sigh*

On a lighter note: Elliot is crossdressing. I have this bear that has a cheerleader uniform that goes over the neck and aroudn the waist.. well I took it off and am torturing elliot with it. He looks so cute! I think he likes his dress too. Lol.
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Cassy, There is so much to address in your post here..

First of all, yes, Aerowyn would probably be best getting into see a vet. If your mom won't give you the money, could you do something else to raise the immediate cash?
Ie, sell or pawn something, have a garage sale, borrow it off another family member, ask the vet for some kind of payment plan?

Second, if you do think there is something wrong with you in terms of an anxiety issue, you need to see a doctor to be diagnosed and get some help. You can't diagnose this on your own and just do nothing about it..It bothers me that your mom talks to you that way, but seeing as you are 18, you are legally an adult and she doesn't have to provide for you or your pets, legally. Ethically perhaps, but not legally.
You need to start looking at ways to provide for yourself.
Yes, a job can be boring, weird and all of the above, but we all have to do things we don't like to survive. If there are obstacles in your way (like anxiety), then you need to surmount them and move forward.
I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at 13 tentatively and then fully at about 19.
But I don't allow this to beat me, and I know that getting "out there" was the best thing to allow my confidence to grow and in turn, this helped lessen my anxiety in the long run...and keep it under control..
This doesn't sound like the healthiest living situation to me and if I were you, I would start to think about your life as your own and the only one who can turn things around for the better...

Hope that helps and please keep us posted about Aerowyn
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O_O sorry to rant in the second post, I just kind of needed it at the moment. The redness has gone down from what I see, but the raccoonish whiteness is still there. She doesnt close her eye constantly or blink it more and the weeping is still stopped, so I think if I keep rinsing it it will be ok.

My mom is stressed out because as I mentioned above everyone seems to be pressuring HER about me getting a job instead of coming to ME about it. Her boyfriend is a jerk also and has been stressing her out. DOesnt help that he drinks. I've actually come very far from who I was when I was younger. I just decided I didn't really care what others thought and that most of them were idiots, but there are still other obstacles to overcome obviously. When I was 12-13 I was sooo scared to even talk to more than two peoploe at a time! But eventually told myself to toughen up and it worked.

Sometimes I actually just think of getting a job so I can buy a van (that runs for the most part) packing up my stuff and just going away and never seeing her again. It's frustrating being such a good child who never got into trouble, never tried drugs, hates alcohol, never was wild or rambunctious, and in the end being treated just like a kid who came home to tell her parents she was pregnant by a fifty year old man who sold heroin to kindergardeners for a living.

But this isnt about me this is about aerowyn. Just ranting in the moment because I had a thread avaliable. I am better now. I didnt dream of poop but found five bucks in a forgotten birthday card! Woot.

COincidentally we are having a garage sale on thursday. I dont have much stuff really ( a cheap bookshelf full of books, bigger bookshelf full of crap I cant let go of, etc.) Should make a bit of money at least.
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Hi Cassy,

I feel for you! I've been there.

My best advice regarding a job, is to have a financial goal. If you're excited about buying a van, getting a job to buy it will be worth the inconvenience.

Also, please take these two tests...
I recommend them to everyone going through hard times.

One idea I didn't see mentioned above was, maybe, odd jobs. Like mowing a lawn or cleaning gutters, babysitting, walking dogs, etc.

Hope aerowyn gets better. Keep us updated.
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hi cassy! i just replied to two other people. in both of them i told of my siamese getting an infected tooth and it drained overnight out of her eye. this does not sound like the case for you. try the tea bag approach. warm a regular tea bag in warm to hot water for about 3 minutes. squeeze some of the water out, leave some of the water in it. let it cool to luke warm. hold the tea bag over her eye and try to squeeze some of the tea into her eye. as a vet tech, i know that eyes are the #1 important thing to worry about. at our clinic, when someone calls about an eye problem, we work them in right away.
also, when reading your posts, i don't believe you said what kind of cat she is. some cats are normally prone to eye problems.

now getting to YOUR problems, i also suffer from severe depression, anxiety and numerous other psychological problems. i am on medicine for my problems. PLEASE SEEK HELP from a doctor!!!!! my problems started when i was around 14, i am now 37. my advice is seek help from a dr. that you like and see a psychologist you like too. if you are not completely satisfied with the first dr. and psychologist you see KEEP TRYING!!!!! it took me to see many dr.s and psychologists to find really good ones that related to me and made me a priority and not just a #. if you need to vent or need help of any kind, you can talk to me. just pm me. i'll be there as much as i can, and in addition to being a vet tech, i completed one year of college psych. i also do volnutreering work with troubled teens in our area, when i have time. so please, do vent!! it's a healthy thing to do!! don't keep it in!!
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I have social anxiety disorder but you can't just let that keep you from getting a job. It is VERY uncomfortable but you must force yourself to do things that will make you uncomfortable. If you can get meds for it-then do so. I personally don't like taking anything so I have to fight it every day of my life. I do lots of things now that I would NEVER have done before. You can fight against social phobia!! I hated turning 18 too and I was forced to move out at 19. It's best to face your fears now while you still have the support of your family (and yes you do have support as your parent is still allowing you to live there).
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Hi Cassy,

If the fluids draining from your cat's eye is clear, then you are most likely dealing with either allergies or blocked tear ducts. I realize that you will have reddish crust around the eye, and it sounds as if, because of the constant drainage, you have lost some of the pigmentation in the fur.

It does not sound as if you need an immediate trip to the vet because the eye has not swollen up and become closed shut, there is no yellow or greenish discharge which would indicate an infection. Consequently, you may try giving your cat 1/4 tab of a 4 mg. Chlortrimiton (allergy pill) once a day. This can be purchased in virtually any food, drug store or Wal*Mart over the counter. It is an antihistimane. If allergies are the cause, this will help.

You can continue cleaning out your baby's eye with warm water and a cotton ball. If you live anywhere near a farm store, you may be able to pick up a tube of Terramycin ointment over the counter for roughly $8 to $10.

Good luck.

Barb A.
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Thank you all for the advice about aerowyn and the advice/support about the other stuff!

Eh, about one of those links though, I am in nooooo way suicidal... lol..... If I died I would feel guilty about leaving my cats behind xD

She is just a domestic short hair, not apersian or anything. I kept rinsing her eye out with water three times a day and that has helped, no more weeping, no more redness, and the whiteness is almost gone, its just about looking normal again. She probably just has allergies like some mentioned. I myself have been sneezing more lately so there must be something in the air that affects the cats too. The drainage was clear also. This is the first time her eye ahs done this so either it was allergies or she got something in her eye (she is prone to rubbing her face against anything) It looks better now, and she will live (unless I strangle her because she wont stop meowing!!!)

I just havent found the right job yet I wish we had a zoo around here that would PAY me to work there... theres a zoo which I can voulenteer at (and which I have previously) but I needs da moolah. My mom found a job site online and I will look there sometime today (though I might invoulentarily put it off if my m om mentions anything about a job again)
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I was thinking about you. I come from a whole family with anxiety and my 8yr old son has it too. So, don't feel alone. I definately think you need to find a way to start figuring out something to help yourself eventually get on your own two feet. What I was thinking is maybe a job in the back of an office filing. It won't pay the best but, a good foot in the door. If you had the back office to yourself and you didn't have to deal with the public it would help you relax some. Then, maybe you could take some classes at the unemployment office. If you love animals, what about a vet office they always need kennel help. No matter where you start it won't be the most rewarding but, many places if you try hard they will promote you to something that will be a rewarding job. Also, if you have a mental health department you could go to some group meetings and lets face it you might meet someone there that might know of a job opening. I hope your kitty is feeling better. Love, Hope
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