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I have 5 cats in my household. 4 males and 1 female. They have all lived together fine for over 5 years. The newest, a one year old kitten, was added when it was a tiny kitten about a year ago. Everything was fine, he gets along great with all the others.

Boston, one of the males, had some irritable bowel problems, and we were switching him foods, and doing everything to keep him from getting diarrhea, but nothing seemed to help. At times he wasn't even able to make it to the litter box. A couple of times he ended up going in my room, which just happens to be where Bootchie, anoher male cats, tends to spend most of his time. Boston was sick for about 3 months, but now we have him on special food because I guess he has a food allergy, so he hasn't been sick in almost 2 weeks.

Around the time that Boston was sick, and around the time that Boston had an 'accident' in Bootchie's bedroom, Boston and Bootchie began not getting along. And now it's so bad that we have to separate them 24/7. Whenever they see each other they growl and hiss, and if we don't hold them back they will fight.. badly.

None of the vets we've talked to have any answers and the only thing I can think of is that Bootchie is mad that Boston had an accident in his room. Which might be giving these cats too much credit.

It is becoming a hassel to have to separate them 24/7, as you can imagine. Does anyone have any advice or any idea why these cats would just all of a sudden begin to hate each other?

Thank you.

PS.. they have all been fixed.