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President Bush Faints :(  

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Wow, I was listening to the news and heard about President Bush...I'm really glad he's okay...but I bet he swears off pretzals!

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He needs to remember to chew - chew - chew!
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Forget assasination, for the first time in history our Pres. was almost took down by a pretzel! He made the remark,"Mother always said to chew your food before you swallow, listen to your mother.":laughing2 :laughing2
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:laughing2:laughing2 Oooo...there's the sense of humor around here!!! :laughing2:laughing2

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ROTFLMAO....good one! :laughing: :laughing2
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Philip - you have been hanging out with Thelma too much. Oh, I mean Cat!
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Hey I just read about this!!! Though its kinda mean..... ITS SOOOO FUNNY!!! WAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... poor bloke!! :laughing2 Awwww.... but did you see the bruise on his face from when he fell off the couch? Man... thats gotta hurt!
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Adds character, don't you think?
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With all the stress the man is under it's a wonder he hasn't keeled over before now. I wonder if sometimes in his alone and quiet moments he thinks to himself..."is it really too late to have another recount??" The Presidency has got to be one of the toughest jobs around and agree with his choices or not you have to respect anyone who stands up to it.

As an aside,since this story hit the world press,I wonder if we will see pretzel factories popping up in places like Lybia and Iran????
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Not to be mean or too skeptical....I don't believe he choked on a pretzel! I'll bet he went back on the booze and passed out! Seriously!

Okay....I just slapped my face for making such a nasty comment, so no one else needs to beat me up for saying that.
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Hey watch that Piddles! Besides, Philip isn't funny! J/K!!!!!
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