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Are cats really that dumb?

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My friend sent this to me with me in mind knowing my love for cats
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lol awww
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ROFL! That's funny!
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Oh that is HILARIOUS Kellye!
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I have seen that done with dogs too. But see the cat didnt go running through it, so there is no embarassing pics or video for when it is fixed and the cat goes smashing into it. :P at least that is what I am saying to make the kitty feel better.....
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that was so
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Oh those poor kitties!! See... maybe there was shiny glass there at one time and they both ran into it. So now they're extra cautious and wait for the door to be opened? OR may be not.
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haha... those are some well trained cats...
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LOL... they're just too good that they can't be bothered to step over the door frame! "Excuse me, human! I will NOT jump over that like a common dog!"
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That is so funny.
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Smart kitties aren't they?
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Originally Posted by eburgess
haha... those are some well trained cats...
No - a well-trained HUMAN!
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Still too funny.... :bump:
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That's excellent
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I say they are well trained. Bobber only uses the service door on the garage, if one of the garage doors are open she still will not enter the garage that way but will walk around to the back and wait until we open the service door!!
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I think it's because they saw the door-frame there and really weren't paying attention to what the human was doing.

I kinda wish I knew what they were saying though..I don't speak german you know
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Thats a riot!
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Sunday night on America funniest videos they had a dog do that.
The owner of the dog kept stepping through the door and trying to get the dog to go through and he would not do it.
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ahh I don't have the plugin *sigh*
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