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Plane crash.

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A plane has crashed at Pearson International here in Toronto. I have a HUGE fear of flying, personally, so I'm totally freaked out and upset for the poor people on board (they don't know yet how many people were on board or how many casualties there are).
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Terrible news - I am watching the news feeds and hoping no one was killed.

I don't like flying either.
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oh that is the last thing i need to hear before I am due to fly out to nz in less than 2 weeks!!!!
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I am watching it right now ...this is horrible.
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i saw it just before.
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According to my local news, there are no reports of any casualties, and it appears that a lot of people managed to escape. Thoughts and prayers are with them all.
It's really sad, though, when I first heard, my first thought was, "Dear God, I hope it was an accident, and not terrorists."
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Yes, they are saying no deaths, only injuries, so far! (Well, not that injuries are good, but I am just thrilled there are no deaths!)
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I was driving into Brampton from Orangeville and saw the smoke
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im 2 hours from Toronto looks like thay all got out
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No one was seriously injuried I heard... that's a good thing. Scary stuff
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I'm so glad no one died - the footage on the news looked horrible.
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glad no one died....and glad i am not flying anymore if i can help it.
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Originally Posted by joanne511
I'm so glad no one died - the footage on the news looked horrible.
I agree.
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News is... no casualties, 24 injured (mostly minor, smoke inhalation etc.)

I was at a friends house when this happened, it started to rain and hail pretty hard on the house, and apparently the airplane overran the runway and caught fire.

There were 297 passengers and 12 crewmen on the plane. Thank god no one was hurt.
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there must have been angels watching over them to have everyone survive this!!!
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glad nobody was killed!
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It's been on the news here today... And it is being called a miracle that no one was killed. Some passengers are saying that the plane landed okay and everyone clapped, then a few seconds later something happend - they are saying the plane got struck by lightening?

It's amazing though that there were only minor injuries and also, a bit thumbs up for the emergency teams who were on site within 50 seconds

I was also looking at this list of air disasters, and considering how many planes are up there (I think a plane lands and takes off every minute at London Heathrow airport alone) they have a FANTASTIC safety record...

Air Disasters
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And no one killed, what a miracle.
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The article in the paper said that the plane landed and then skidded on the slippery ground, then crashed into a ravine. The people got out while the plane was filling up with smoke (the pilot was the last one out, he radioed out that he'd checked the seats and made sure nobody was left behind, then jumped out). Everyone was scrambling up the muddy bank, 'cause they thought the plane would explode soon (imagine, plane is starting to burn and you can't get any traction on the hill that'll take you away from the plane. I'd be panicking, that's for sure). the article I read was pretty informative.

Oh, and 2 accidents occurred on the highway after the crash because people were gawking at the wing that was sticking out of the trees.
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So glad that everyone got out ok...what a miracle!. Sounds like they may have hydroplanned with all the standing water on the runway. Hopefully this doesn't scare too many people away from flying because it really is very safe and alot of fun!
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My neighbour is an air stewardess for Air Canada and they were cuts, scratches and broken bones but no deaths. The weather got really bad really quickly with torrential rain and the pilot went off the runway. I was talking to her about an hour ago about it.
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